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  1. hey poeples, im running a stock 230 what are some ways i can get more power? ive removed the exhuast baffle but thats really all ive done lol im a n00b at this stuff so could you give us afew ways to get more power out the engine and what are some decent mods?
  2. nah i just wanna know for the future silly billy
  3. what u wanna c a pic of my bike? im from australia by the way
  4. hey peoples, ive just bought a crf230 and want to know what i can do to make it faster, is there a way i could give it more fuel or something ahaha soz im a n00b at this ay, what restrictors are in it and how can i take em out will it have a negative effect on the bike?
  5. nah bro im gunna keep it cuz ill put it back on when i sell it ay, sorry! thankx 4 the advice neway
  6. hayy fellas, im kinda a n00b and ive just got my crf230, could you please tell me how to take the dopey lookin light off and whack on a numberboard?? thanxx