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  1. cuddles

    What bikes do you ladies ride?

    Had a '09 crf250r lowered with a rekluse (I'm primarily a woods rider) but would wear myself out trying to kick it kick it kick it kick it (which I found isn't uncommon for that bike) so I ended up getting a '12 xcf-w with fuel injection and a fun button. A few months back my buddy talked me into getting a crf150r big wheel and holy shit I can't say enough good things about it! It's almost 80 lbs lighter and I've found that I can move around on it much easier than the 250, particularly in corners. I still race the 250 but have really fallen in love with the honda.
  2. cuddles

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    Greenville/Spartanburg but go to brushy and brown quite a bit. I ride every weekend usually at enoree and Wednesdays at Lakeside MX in Greer when it isn't closed by one of these damn monsoons we've been having. Brown was a mess the last time we were there abbout two three weeks ago, especially trail 1. Enoree has been tits (when not closed by monsoon) this year. I'll probably be there this Saturday and/or Sunday. White haulmark with Michigan plates and black silverado.
  3. cuddles

    Hot Pink MX helmet??

    Cool to know about the S/M XS thing. I have always been under the impression that you should replace your helmet (any size) every 2-3 years, even if it has never been in an accident or experienced any sort of impact because of the foam compression issue you're talking about. Has anyone else heard this or am I alone on this one?
  4. cuddles

    Help with boot sizes

    I have a size 6-6.5 women's shoe. I bought a pair of AlpineStars youth Tech4's in size 4. I found they were much more comfortable than the fox ones I tried on.
  5. cuddles

    body armor

    I have a 661 SP1 pressure suit http://sixsixone.com/gearmoto/armor_pressuresuitSP1.html I'm 5'5" 120 32c/d. I bought a size small. It fits great. They are adjustable, you can move the chest part around (with those straps attached to the shoulder) a little bit too. I looked around at a few places and found mine brand new for $100.