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  1. 450_rider

    Opinions are like...

    The bike i use to ride was great for trails and riding for a very long time(3-4 hours on one tank). It was a a yamaha TTR-250 they dont make them anymore but the 6 gears was awesome for anything.
  2. Like the title says I'm going to University this fall and need to sell my bike:thumbsdn: . I have a bunch of mods done to it (see garage). Now my question is its got a titanium fmf factory 4 exhaust and mid pipe and stainless powerbomb header i still have the stock exhaust laying around should i sell the bike with the stocker? Would it have more appeal with the fancy exhaust or would i just loose more money, and sell it to a fellow TTer insted. My other question is how do i sell it on TT? Get a buyer to send a cashiers check then they trust me to ship it out to them? Thanks in advance iam a newbie to selling bikes.
  3. 450_rider

    Yz450f maintance yz250

    Remember where talking about a yamaha here. My yz450f has gone since 2003 and never had to have its valves done and always in perfect spec. My top end has re done in 2005 and still doesnt need a new one plenty of compression and i ride a fair bit. So if you want to call 4 strokes expensive to maintain i guess oil could add up every 10 hours of riding. Plus you only have to change one oil unlike some other 4 stroke.
  4. 450_rider

    neighbors kid first race very good:)

    What a little ripper eh? Hes gunna be real good when he gets older.
  5. It depends, I bought a FMF factory 4 slip on to start with and it was better than stock but the biggest difference was a power bomb header added to it. Thats the only way i would ever go for a full system.
  6. 450_rider

    Desert jumping in Dubai

    Thats awesome. I use to live in Dubai, its a very fast growing city!
  7. 450_rider

    WR450F in South Africa, sorry for the Aussies

    You guys might do well against south africa, but we all no Australia is no match for the Kewis!(New Zealand)
  8. 450_rider

    International City Raceway Helment Cam

    You had some serious speed on that track. That was sweet looks like a awesome track to ride. I like it how some of the jumps you could double or tripple.
  9. 450_rider

    They give them to anyone nowaday's

    Yep that seemed pretty fake, he was smiling almost the whole time. Either that or he is just one funny looking guy. Doesnt swearing make you look so smart.
  10. 450_rider

    Very Nice vid of an older Yz125!

    Looked like a pretty fun hill to play around on to me
  11. 450_rider

    Sick Gap for a 100

    Just seems like another little kid that thinks his bike is a Mx bike. Only reason that gap was alright, was because you had some kid trying to do donuts on a trike and riding up hills. Seemed pretty lame...
  12. 450_rider

    massive jump, should i do it?

    Yeah you should definitly do it, but make sure you got someone taping it. So you can post it on here for all of us to see your stupidity.
  13. Video seemed like just another group of pre-teen kids leading each other on to do crazier things. All because mom wasnt home.
  14. 450_rider

    coolant fins

    I always lightly use a flat head screw driver and straighten them out. Be careful not to punch a hole in the rad. Doesnt take much to straighten them out, and their purpose is to cool the coolant by having air flow over them. So if your not moving your bike will adventually over heat.
  15. 450_rider

    07 250f's in Canada!

    Thats a nice looking bike, could never get tired of looking at that white. What kind of work is there when you buy it still in the crate to set it up. Compared to buying from the dealer already set up.