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  1. BRC is a great organization! My truck proudly displays their badge and I proudly carry the membership card! I agree with the comments above. If all TT members were BRC members, we would be a formidable protection force...
  2. Sent in both radiators from my son's TC250 on Monday, they were back by Friday. They looked, fit, and worked great! Would definitely use Myler's again . I also sprung for the Bullet Proof radiator guards. I was a little worried, cuz the instructions warn about the fit on repaired radiators. After starting the installation, the worries were gone. They fit perfect! (another testimony to Myler's work) They're pricey, but strong and great looking!
  3. I just wanted to add that I made my first purchase (valve shims) from Motosportz and they handled it great. They answered my email question the same day, and my purchase was delivered the next day. Great Husky selection and service! And, a big thanks to Coffee for the "how to" video on valve adjusting.
  4. TrailTrick (Javier) did my 06 TE450 and my son's 07 TC250. He did a fantastic job! The TC250 also had the valve loose on one fork. He came to my house and did all work, forks and shocks, in the back of his traveling workshop. He's an expert with Husky and KTM and gave all details of what he did and how to adjust. Check the KTM forum for more info. You won't be disappointed...
  5. I'm with Coffe on this one. Have an 06 TE450, and had the forks and shock reworked. This is the first time I've had suspension work done. Didn't know what to expect. Started out like I didn't see much difference. Then hit some big stuff. What a difference! Possibly gone down before, but the bike took it! It also tracks straight through the whoops. The more I ride now, the more I gain confidence. It's like the Husky always knows what to do!
  6. With a good narrator, these videos would make a great reality show! I've had to hike back up to my bike quite a few times!
  7. Thanks Coffee for posting this. I usually go right to the Husky forum and don't pass the through the General. Donation done!
  8. Nice Job! So, it looks like TM Designworks finally joined the Husky group...
  9. Does it state USFS Approved and is it a universal fit? Thanks...
  10. Thanks Dan-I can use the help with jr.! BTW-I rode it too, and what a fantastic machine! Doing business with you is a real pleasure!
  11. I'm with you coffee, and I'm willing to help if needed...
  12. I have Powerpegz on my TE450. I like'em. My son doesn't, but he likes big jumps. He didn't like the movement when landing.
  13. I have an 06 TE450 with the JD kit. I'm not an experienced mechanic, but found the included instructions easy to follow. I too travel to the Sierras and appreciate the JD altitude chart. I just need to reroute the oil breather hose to make it easier to get to the carb...
  14. I'm heading over there around the same time too. Wife has me going to the Amalfi Coast? Is that anywhere near the Husky factory? Gift shop could be dangerous!
  15. I had a riding buddy that had the plastic support disappear on the first trip. I made one from a 2x4, and that worked itself out on the winding road to Carnegie. I have used a 4x4 block for 5 years with no problems. I cut a curve to match the tire on one end, then painted it black. Inexpensive alternative!