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  1. You are correct. The title should be 'How to Check the Oil in an XR650 L'.
  2. Hope the attachments help. Taken directly from an '02 XR650L Honda Owners Manual.
  3. You can find some solid deals in AZ. Seems like they come in waves though. I ride out in Raibow Valley.
  4. I hear you. This method is outside my normal paradigm. However, I tried it today. Pretty close to same results the way I normally check (like the manual says). It's a new way to look at things.
  5. Wow.
  6. My lowly 650L will overfill at about 1.8 quarts. I just run it for about 2-3 minutes then add the 0.4 quarts to bring up to FULL. Braaap!
  7. There is an NX250 thread over at Adventure Rider, they probably have an idea or two for this. They do for the 250 anyway.
  8. I owned a DRZ 400e. Pretty comparable to the S I prefer the XR650L for it's seat hight, just better for me. Plus my DRZ had a few issues after the short warranty period ended, mainly a coolant leak. The XR has a tendency to 'plow' at times given its heft. I would not go back to the DRZ.
  9. This sounds like the plan I will use! Thanks!
  10. Buh! That stinks.
  11. Ok, so what is the deal with my 2002 650L? No drain plugs on the front forks?
  12. This is the answer. Just installed mine this morning (12/28/2016). Slipped right on. No banging, sanding or fuss. My XRLis a 2002 with around 2200 miles.
  13. There are two subframe support options as far as I can tell. Sw-Motech http://www.twistedthrottle.com/sw-motech-sub-frame-support-arms-for-honda-xr650l-93-16-silver Manracks http://www.manracks.com/_p/prd1/4515170921/product/xr650l-hog-legs Since I do not weld, and would not be able to fashion something, which one of these would you recommend, if either? I'll probably be putting a Giant Loop on the back and be doing south west USA trail riding (nothing hard core). I appreciate any and all responses, far and wide!
  14. Remove the passenger pegs AND the seat strap ! FTW! Who is teeny enough to have a passenger on this bike anyways??
  15. I picked up a Rally Raid designed fairing. Made in England. Less than $135 shipped. Easy transaction with Paul. Love it. http://www.rallyraid.co.uk/blog/2014/12/17/workshop/dakar-bikes/honda-xr650l-and-xr400-nose-fairing/