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  1. XRnToon

    I can't believe you guys call them pigs

    BRFB??? Big Red Fat Bastard?
  2. XRnToon

    Long haul XR650L?

    The "slight fishtail" may be caused by a rear tire that is not properly balanced. The highway pegs look like a good idea. Check out the Maxxis 50/50 tires, I just removed a worn out set from my 650L. They worked good ont pavement, but not good enough , for me, in the dirt - excessive rear wheel spin and the front never liked to stick in the corners. If you happen to be riding through Saskatoon, PM me. Best of luck and have fun. Jeff
  3. XRnToon

    Trading a KLR650 for XR650L?

    Yup, the XR is waaayyy better than the KLR for off road. I put 4000 kilometers on my 650L last year - 80% off road. Get the Honda.
  4. XRnToon

    XR650L rear wheel bearing removal

    I had to use a long screwdriver that had a 1/4 inch wide blade on it. I ground the tip to a chisel type of angle so that it would be fairly flat against the distance collar. Don't worry about ruining the old bearings, just carefully pound the snot out of them to get them out. Be sure to pack your new bearings full of a high quality bearing grease and add a touch of grease to the seals to help them slide into place. Jeff
  5. XRnToon

    Buying a '02 XR650L.......

    Hi SASK, I live in Saskatoon. Which dealer are you buying from? Don't forget that you will have to pay some tax on the used bike. I got a 2000 650l from Lethbridge, AB last spring and put 4000k on it in one summer. Try to get as much history on the bike as possible, or better yet, go look at it for yourself. These bikes are so reliable that they will last through almost anything. PM me if you like. Jeff