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  1. CuzinMike

    EnduroX Denver

    Actually, we did. Scorpa had a rider there on the production version of the T-Ride prototype they've been developing. Looked pretty sweet in person...
  2. CuzinMike

    EnduroX Denver

    I think it comes more down to the rider than the bike. I believe the trials rider who got 2nd in the main is ranked #5 in the US right now, so he's no slouch. I can't blame him for riding what he was comfortable with. We actually asked Geoff Aaron in the pits why he decided on the KTM instead of his Montesa. His response, "I ride the trials bike all year, so I look forward to riding a regular dirt bike!" He did hint that he would probably be on a trials bike for at least 1 of the remaining two rounds... All in all, great racing. The track seemed a little less-technical than Vegas last year, but I was just sitting on my butt, not riding The daytime qualifiers were a blast to watch. Kind of made the night show seem short by comparison. I'm going to all three this year. Already can't wait for next weekend!
  3. CuzinMike

    choosing right bar height

    I'll have to try the arm-swinging thing too. I'm 6'5", and definetly need taller bars on the new scoot. I'm considering Pro Taper Pastrana FMX bars, as they have 4.75" of rise, but not sure just yet what I'll get.
  4. CuzinMike

    Woods practice??

    I makes sense. Some great American off-roaders have come from an MX background. Kiedrowski, Davis, Hughes...
  5. CuzinMike

    Trials rider wins heat race at Enduro Cross

    He won his semi then got ninth in the main if I remember right. Not too shabby against a field of world and national champs!
  6. CuzinMike

    Trials rider wins heat race at Enduro Cross

    My dad and I were there both days, and Nick certainly drew a crowd in the pits. On Saturday morning, his bike was in bad shape and he was trying to get it together for timed qualifying. We were just walking by his pits (He was pitted with Geoff Aaron) and next thing you know, we were wrenching on his bike. The Endurocross camera crew was there filming the thing. We helped replace his handlebars and aired up his tires. I think Geoff's wife was helping clean his carb! Needless to say, I was praying that his handlebars wouldn't fall off during qualifying, and thankfully, they did not. Apparently, Nick is Geoff's PA announcer at ERE shows, or so I hear. I also heard a rumor in the pits that next years Endurocross will feature a trials bike class...
  7. CuzinMike

    Best Street Tires

    I really like Dunlop D607s. Distanzias grip like hell, but my last set wore out really fast.
  8. CuzinMike

    Avon Distanzia

    IMO, Distanzias are great road tires, but they don't last. On my 650, the rear was toast after less than 5000 miles. That's ok for an off-road tire, but on a street tire it's unacceptable.
  9. CuzinMike

    DR650 eibach springs

    I did the Eibach thing about a year ago, and I'll say that I think they're the single most important mod you can do to the bike if you weigh over 120lbs. Easy to install, and they work great.
  10. CuzinMike

    What's wrong with stock?

    I agree, don't mess with anything you don't have a problem with. I've never touched the motor or exhaust on mine and never plan to. The bike runs great stock, and I don't believe that my limited mechanical knowledge is equal to or greater than that of the engineers who designed the bike so I'll leave it alone. I go on a lot of long distance rides to rather remote places, so I don't have any desire to give up any reliablilty or fuel economy just to gain a bit more performance. On the other hand, when loaded up with several weeks worth of luggage, heavier springs make the bike handle a lot more sure-footedly, and I like not having to look for a gas station every 120 miles. To me, that's the beauty of the DR, just customize as needed.
  11. CuzinMike

    DR650 fuel consumption

    I average 55mpg on a bone-stock '05. My best tank ever was 62mpg with a great tailwind, and my worst ever was 45mpg.
  12. CuzinMike

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    Sorry for a lurker to dredge up an old thread, but this has me intrigued. It looks like the Uly screen is identical save for being larger, so I would think it would bolt right up, right?
  13. CuzinMike

    DR650 engine life expectancy

    I saw a fella over on Adventure Rider that has a DR with over 83,000 miles on the clock, and the engine has never been opened up. He says it still runs great.
  14. CuzinMike

    Break In

    It's not like revving a new bike to full throttle is going to blow the engine up or anything, but it likely will shorten the life of your engine a bit, as there's lots of metal gunk floating around in a brand new mill. Big deal, top end jobs are easy.
  15. CuzinMike

    DR650...Discontinued? No more in 2006?

    This just makes me think of when Suzuki discontinued the GS500 after '02, only to bring it back in '04 with no changes other than a fairing. I think the same thing could possibly happen with the DR650. Just by looking at this forum, you can see the DRZ-400 is an incredibly popular bike, perhaps the most popular dual purpose bike on the planet right now, and unfortunately, the DR650 covers a lot of the same ground for not much less money. I think the reason that the KLR650 has managed to exist for 20 years basically unchanged is because it comes equipped for adventure-type riding right out of the box, something no other bike in it's price range can lay claim to. Don't be surprised to see the DR650 go away for a year, only to come back with a small fairing, larger gas tank, and more comfy seat; much like the original DR. I don't think Suzuki is blind to the fact that, even in America, adventure-type bikes are gaining in popularity. IMO, the only way they can justify keeping it in the lineup is to make some changes to it that alter its purpose to something different than that of the 400. Oh well, if the bike is discontinued and never returns, at least I already have mine!