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  1. corien

    Thumpette Spring Break in MOAB 2010

    we always go to moab in april and october hope to meet some of you thumpettes in april. i will post some photos after our october trip to get everyone excited for april!
  2. corien

    Guns 'n Roses

    who needs a gun? just get yourself a suzuki:
  3. a little supermoto racing to keep us sharp i'm 36, fastfroggy is 671 riding around guanella pass and rollingsville and some crested butte life is good:ride:
  4. here are a bunch of photos from the summer. this was our first year of riding a lot and we had a lot of fun. here we are riding around nederland it all started out great until we heard some rumbling and BAM! the hail started pounding us our friend chad took us to a trail of hell called 509, a steep jeep road filled with loose rocks, steep incline and two obstacles in the middle. we now use this trail to compare all other trails to. the difficulty rate was pretty high taking a break! got up that horror of a hill on our way down more to come later.
  5. corien

    colorado riding

    can't wait to go ride this weekend. suzy, i was no hero on those crazy uphill turns. i think i held my breath because when i got to the top i was out of breath hope to meet some of you this weekend.
  6. corien

    Tell me about Sidi boots

    i got the sidi crossfires because you can interchange the sole from motox to supermoto. this boot is awesome, great protection, comfortable and easy to put on. if your foot size is smaller than 40 (euro size, i would say approximately 9 women) you are out of luck. really too bad, since i know a lot of women who would like them. c
  7. corien

    colorado riding

    let us know the next time you are going up there, we loved it. the first trail we went up, i think it was called illinois trail was pretty crazy. too bad we didn't have our camera on at that time, those 190 degree off camber turns were cool! thanks for giving us the perfect directions. a couple of friends went up the weekend before and came back with a report that there were no trails up there. pffff, they didn't have a thumpette on their side to tell them where to go!
  8. i also want to mention that i love the photos and report of your trip. looks like hoots of fun. we called in sick yesterday and rode rampart for the first time. 40 miles of FUN! today we are thinking of either nederland or estes...decisions!
  9. my friend (5'3") and myself (5'11") both have 250x. she lowered hers, i kept mine stock. it really helped her. if you need info on what we did, pm me and i will give you all the details.
  10. corien

    Mother's Day weekend/helmet cam

    excellent vid! enjoyed the "guilty" guy rushing over to you. he couldn't have looked more guilty
  11. corien

    Colorado Front Range Riding Sunday 11/2

    would anyone be interested in going to berthoud? no snow there!
  12. we found a decently priced condo and will be spending txgiving in style in moab :-) corien
  13. so we are going to moab in thanksgiving, but have had some bad luck finding places to stay. we would like a condo/house-like environment where you can relax after a days ride. we camped for four days last weekend and would like a bit more luxury this time around. it being thanksgiving and all so, any help is really appreciated. thanks, corien
  14. corien

    Colorado Front Range Riding Sunday 11/2

    what a bummer, we are kinda of regretting right now that we bought broncos tickets. today is a perfect day to go riding! have fun, i have only ridden magnolia on a mountain bike. i love that area because it usually isn't too crowded with people. corien
  15. corien

    thanksgiving in moab

    hello, just want to let you know that we will be in moab for thanksgiving. we would love to hook up with some thumpettes in case you are there too. anyone? just pm me! corien