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  1. starrman

    2006 kx250 clutch problem

    When you replaced the basket, you may not have pressed in the primary gear far enough. I did this once, and had the same symptoms. Use a press to seat it completely and evenly. Best of luck - the 06 has a pretty stiff pull as it is.
  2. starrman

    KX250 L4 heavy clutch

    I've owned two 250's: a 97 and my 06. The clutch pull on each is brutal, especially once it heats up. I spent $200 on a hydraulic clutch, and have never been happier. it still et s little stiff after about an hour in the woods, but it is worlds better than it was.
  3. Thank you both for the information. That is how I installed it. I wonder why my shop manual doesnt have the picture? Thanks again!!
  4. I've posted here and on another forum, but so far no luck. My power valve spring broke, and I'm not 100% sure I installed the new one correctly (mainly because I noticed no difference with it in the bike) There is a machined recess in the power valve cavity to the left of the actuating rod. I assumed it went there, but the spring isn't bent properly to fit there. There is a little wear on the front side of the case, to the right of the rod, where it looks like the spring was resting before. It installs there fine, but it just seems like a really bad design if that's where it goes. I can take a picture tonight if that will help, but if anyone else has replaced the spring, or knows exactly how it fits, please let me know. Thanks. Yes, I have the shop manual. It doesn't show proper installation of the spring. Thanks!
  5. Mine is broken, and I am replacing it today. Anyone have a picture of the proper installation? thanks!
  6. starrman

    turning issues on 06-07 kx 250?

    I have an 06 KX250 and it turns like a dream. I ride Hare Scrambles in Virginia, and it will carve a turn under any KTM out there. The only bike that I have ridden that turns slightly better is the YZ250. There are three keys to turning well: - Suspension set up. Use the right springs for your weight and set the sag. - Proper position. Sitting on the back fender will not allow the front end to cut a sharp turn. Sit on the tank or stand. - This is key: LEAN that bike. I have found that the KX loves to be leaned into turns. Riding in a top-heavy (EURO) style will not get you the sharp turning you desire. You lean this bike and it is TURNING. I love it. Once I figured that out, I started getting top three spots out of the first turn and my lap times improved. Buy it and love it. The KX250 is a sweet woods ride.
  7. starrman

    rear wheel play?

    Check for loose spokes. your whole wheel will wobble side-to-side if they are loose enough.
  8. starrman

    KX250 flywheel weight

    So here is a question: when you retard the ignition timing, do you end up with less burnt fuel? I'm asking because my bike seems to be running richer (or at least spoogier) since retarding the timing.
  9. I have a chance to buy a magura clutch for a great price, but it's not the model for the 05-07 KX. (the cable goes into the ignition case on these models). Has anyone had experience mounting an older model Magura clutch to the newer 05-07 KX250?
  10. 2006 KX250. So two weeks ago at a race, I fell over on the right side of my bike. When I got up, the throttle cable was't pulling. Turns out it pulled out of the slide. Now, fast forward two weeks. A friend was riding a 2008 RM250 (same carb) and he had the same problem. Anyone else heard of this? Any good fixes? thanks dave
  11. starrman

    Painting enclosed trailer

    Ted, I post on a global forum and get an answer from a guy down the street? Thanks! I'll talk to you more about this offline. dave
  12. I Just picked up a 6x12 v-nose enclosed trailer. sweet. It was used, and is a little beat up on the outside. I want to paint it, but dont want to spend the $1200 a body shop wants to do it. The local Sherwin-Williams paint store says to use their high quality paint and a good roller. I dont want it to look ghetto, but I am very...well, cheap. Any suggestions? I would also appreciate any layout ideas. I have a 250, 85, and 65 to haul around. thanks dave
  13. starrman

    Exhaust Question

    No pipe will make the lil 125 LOUD. They will all make it loudER, but still not loud. If you really just want a louder sound, you can save a bunch of bucks by simply removing your stock baffle and buying a new endcap. There are lots of trick billet ones for a good price.