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  1. Agreed! I own a stand up but have a blast riding a sit down whenever I get a chance.
  2. Pretty aware of setting the chain tension right.....thanks but I think you guys may be right because now that I think about it around the time I changed the counter shaft sprocket to a 14t is when it started to drip, oh well. I will keep my eye on it for now and clean it too see how bad it's actually leaking. I will search the forum for step by steps.
  3. Hey everyone my 2007 525 is starting to leak pretty badly, is there a sticky or was this brought up before? Can't seem to find anything on it. If not can someone help me out on parts needed and a game plan? Thanks!
  4. Definatly get the jetting dialed in if it isn't already because if its jetted right it wont over-heat often, my bike hasn't yet on me, but as far as jet kits I have had good luck with JD jetting. Skid plate would be very good because the motor is exposed. I don't know if you have stock gearing still (15/45) but if you do I would change it out to either 14/48 or 14/50 to make it more ridable on the trail. You can never go wrong with protective gear on the bike. Sounds like your bike is pretty well ready other than that!
  5. Alright, been riding my 07 525exc for about two years now and the time finally comes time to change the brakes but I'm not too certain on how the front caliper comes off, I don't really want to dive into it without an idea. Any tips or tricks?
  6. Same thing here man, got tired of sinking the money into my DRZ's trying to get more power and better suspension so I made the switch. The great thing about the KTM's (and I think everyone would back me up) is that the power is super easy to control and can be tamed, but is there when you need it. Best switch I ever made as far as I'm concerned. Good luck:ride:
  7. Thanks for all the replys guys, I will try it out with the current jetting right now and see how it goes. The reason I switched cans is only because I got the near new one for about $100 bucks and didn't really realize that the stocker uncorked was about the same, oh well you live and you learn!
  8. Thanks eddie. I could also do some fine tuning with the air/fuel screw too correct?
  9. So I've been riding my 07exc for about a year now with the stock muffler but uncorked and I am getting ready to put on a FMF Q4 slip-on. The previous owner re-jetted the bike for the uncork but unfortunatly I don't know the current set up because I never needed to mess with it. The bike runs great and never over heats, so my question is will the new can effect my jetting sense its not too much more open then stock? Or should I get a jet kit? If so what kit would you recommend? Thanks a Million!!
  10. Started with a 2004 DRZ400s then to a 2002 DRZ400k plated (big difference than the S) but still didn't tickle my fancy, so I went and got a used 2007 525EXC and also picked up a used KTM supermoto kit. I am absolutely in love with the KTM and don't ever regret getting rid of two DRZ. All my buddies with DRZ's call my bike the rich man's bike but when you have to dump a ton of dough into a stock DRZ to make it half the bike the KTM is you kinda end up with a rich poor mans DRZ. GO ORANGE!
  11. Hey thanks for that tip on the clamps and thanks for possibly saving me 80 bucks! I will try that first and test ride before pulling the trigger on the bars. As far as jetting goes, I have no idea what the previous owner set everything too but it runs damn near perfect as far as I can tell, no over-heating and little to no hick ups. Should I leave it alone with the Q4?
  12. 1.Alright so I have been riding my 07 525 for about a year now and finally layed her down good enough to bend the bars, my question is are the Magura XC(probably spelled wrong) bars stock? and if so any idea of what the rise or pull back is? Want to know what a good bar to change out would be. 2. The bike came to me with the stock can uncorked, all the smog crap removed and basic re-jet. I just picked up a FMF Q4 and want to re-jet when I put it on. Should I roll with JD Jetting kit or maybe the F2 power back kit? Any feed back on either question would be appreciated!
  13. Hey everyone just curious if there are any good riding spots in Santa Cruz, im heading up for a friends get together (not sure what part) and want to bring my bike if there is anything worth while. I would check the where to ride thread but its not working. Anyways let me know and if anyone up there want to go let me know! Thanks
  14. Hey everyone, I have been here for about 5 months now and am lovin it! I have been riding up in high mtn road mostly and just around town. Looking to join the central coast motorcycle association, just curious if anyone else is part of it and thing I should. Looking to go riding with some people too! Let me know
  15. Just moved up to San Luis Obispo and looking for some people to ride with, hit me up if you want to go.