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  1. Has anyone had trouble fitting an FMF pipe on there 05" CRF 450X? I've had three pipes not fit so far. The first to were the power core TI, and the third was the 4.1. Thanks
  2. Recomended jetting specs for an 05 with a FMF 4.1 pipe on it? I've got a 46 pilot and 145 main with the needle droped to the third notch fom the top now. Thanks
  3. JWE

    faster, more power?

    Can I put a pipe from a 450R on a 450X? If so will I have to re-jet it? and would it be worth it(power wise)? What can I do easily to give it more top speed?
  4. JWE


    I just bought a 05 450X, sweet! I was wondering if anyone has figured out the range in Hours/miles yet? I went 35 miles today and I think I used a half of a tank? There is a stick in the tank and the manuel doesnt say what its for I assume its a gauge.
  5. JWE

    CRF450x valves, any truble

    I heard there might be trouble with the valves on the 450 is there any truth to this