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  1. how many rpms is this bike putting out?
  2. yea thats what i thought, but does anyone knowwhy these motors wear faster than like a ttr125 or xr100 top end.
  3. i shimmed the valves on my 04 and after 3 hours the bike wont start so i went to check the valves and my dad ( a mechanic) siad i dont need to. that i dont have to check the valves as often as i do because car motors almost never need to be checked. i checked them anyways and i was right the were way out of adjustment. he says for the valves to be loosening and tightening that quick there has to be something wrong but i know thats just how these motors are. my question is what makes the valves wear so quick on these bikes compared to something like a xr 100 thanks
  4. i just got a 04 rmz250 and it has a michillen starcross rear tire and a whitebros aluminum pro and i noticed when i land a jump the tire rubs the pipe bad. when looking at the bike from the back the nobs stick out 1/2 an inch into the muffler. i was wondering if is i should get rid of one of the two or just not worry about it. thanks.
  5. lkisktr0


    i put in premium from the pump.
  6. i just got a 04 250 and when i go at high speeds over bumps or whoops the front end wobbles back and fourth. also when i acclerate after landing a jump the back end bounces. when i jump 30 feet and land on flat ground it feels like landing a xr100! one of the forks is leaking also.i was thinking about sending it to rg3 and get it revalved because i only weigh 115. what do u guys think i should do?? thanks
  7. lkisktr0

    starting 04 250

    i have a few questions about my new bike .i just got a 04 250 and rode it my first time today. it starts 2-3 kicks on choke when its cold.i warmed it up and rode it about fife min.i cut it off and when i went to start it i didnt know what to do. use the hot start,choke,ornothing. i used the choke and it wouldnt start. so i got my friend to push me down a hill and i drop started it and it worked. my question is when do i use each way of starting the bike? i came from a xr100 so im used to just kick and go.! thanks.
  8. lkisktr0

    what to do

    sorry for all the questions but is there a way to tell the valves need to be checked or replaced? (loss of power or something?)
  9. lkisktr0

    what to do

    how do i check the valves. should i rum premium gas?
  10. great help! will try today
  11. the weird thing was it ran fine on the first tank but the second it is screwing up. i will try that though. the farther u screw it out does it get less air and more gas?
  12. lkisktr0

    what to do

    i just sold my xr100 and moving up to a rmz250. its a 2004 and its got a white brothers pipe and brand new valves. my question is what do i need to do to take care of this bike? coming from a xr i have no idea how to take of these bikes. THanks
  13. i dont think it would be the idle because we are revving it when it bogs out. we just cleaned the airfilter also
  14. my freind just got a 2004 yz 85 that spun a rod bearing. after we fixed that the new tank of gas we put in it was 26:1 with stock jetting. after we burned that we went up 28:1. when we put the 28:1 gas in the bike it would start first kick run for about 10 seconds and then bog out. we took the spark plug out and it was soaked with gas we dried it off and then put it back in and it would do the same thing. we have repeated this about 5 times so something is wrong!! what??? thanks
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