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  1. robcrf150r

    BIG ROck ATv

    just wanted to tell you that it was a success. It was a great time. my friend flipped his crf150 down a hill, hit a tree and blacked out. it was rough. he bent his bars, bent his muffler in so far the rear wheel rubbed it and he somehow managed to ridethe rest of the weekend.
  2. robcrf150r

    Pics of your CRF150

    Hey man sweet bike. i was wondering what kind of tire you got on your 150. its hard to find a good tire for the 16" rim on the 150. thanks
  3. robcrf150r

    BIG ROck ATv

    Yes ive been there before and it is 2000 acres of trail everything from really technical to easy, but the real challenge is the Widow Maker. i climbed it on my crf150 for the first time last trip. ya its pretty sad when i outclimbed a ktm 200 and a yzf 426. well it wasnt that the bikes couldnt but the riders just couldnt. see ya there
  4. robcrf150r

    BIG ROck ATv

    HEy all im headin down to mays ville kentucky on labor day to go riding at Big Rock Atv. meet us down there. for directions go to www.bigrockatvpark.com. see ya
  5. I check my tire before every ride, and the correct pressure, i think that ther e is just not enough meat left on my tire and i ride hard so maybe thats my problem. thanks.
  6. Hey i ride a crf150 and l get flat tires almost everytime i ride. I check the rim for anything sharp and nothing is there. i cant find any heavy duty tubes anywhere. someone please help.