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  1. willytj

    2003 Suzuki DR650 Supermoto

    If anyone is interested in a Suzuki DR650 Supermoto check this out: http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=22885
  2. willytj

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    KLRs are know for "doo-hickey" problems
  3. willytj

    Cheap main jets? Jetting a DR650.....

    I have been doing a little research on improving the jetting my DR650. I know it runs a little lean so I thought I would get a jet kit... but...... I can't see spending a lot of $$$$ on a jet kit when I know there are jets out there a lot cheaper. (I am NOT cheap.. just thrifty!) Anyway I know several different bikes/ATVs use the BST40 carb. I happened onto a Polaris website where I found that there are numerous jets for the BST40 for $2.99 each. I found a 147.5 up to a 165. http://www.bigbuckatvproducts.com/Polaris/4_stroke_carburetor_3131567.htm There are numerous models of Polaris that use this carb so main jet size depends on the model. Anyway........ has anyone else used these in their DR650? I also know that KTM Used this carb. I haven't done much research into this because I don't have a dealer close. I have heard Harley's also use a version of this carb (The HSR?) Another reason I'm looking at Polaris is that KTM wants over $5 per jet...... I can only imagine H-D would want more...... I don't know if I'm onto something or not...... just thought I'd check on here to see if anyone else has looked into this...... I am running a stock exhaust so I thought the 150 or the 155. (Stock is a 142.5). Rather than getting a new needle I was just going to use a small washer to space the needle up a bit. Here is a good "how-to" article on a KTM BST40. http://www.motorally.ca/Francais/OnTheWeb/BST%20Jetting%20Guide.pdf#search='bst40%20jets' Any thoughts or advice appreciated!
  4. willytj

    Exhaust option GSXR on a DR!!

    Has anyone ever seen this exhaust before? Just wondering if anyone has been brave enough to try this one...... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4594372423&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 However I do like the GSX option...... Hmmmmmmm
  5. willytj

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    Yeah I went to the only two Buell dealers in the area .. neither had a blue one. When I told them what I was up to they shook their heads and gave me the "&%$#@! are you doing look"..... If anyone out there has a blue Buell in a dealer show room near them, let me know how DR blue looks compared to it. ;-) Thanks
  6. willytj

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    I have been following this threads and am very interested in doing this modification. I have a couple of questions for those of you doing the Buell Headlight thing....... Has anyone tried different colors other than black for the fairing? There looks to be some interesting color selections when you look at the Buell website: http://www.buell.com/en_us/bikes_gear/lightning/. The Buell Lighting XB12 comes in a "thrust" blue and black. The XB9 has a "Hero Blue" which is a translucent color. I'm assuming that all of the Lighting models use the same mounting bracket and the same basic design for the fairing. I have a blue 2005 DR 650 and was wondering which one would be the best choice. Black isn't too exciting to me, The tanslucent blue looks a little funky... (it might be cool?) So ....... I guess that leaves the "thrust blue". If anyone happens to have tried one the other colors I'd be happy to know if some of these other colors are a somewhat close match. Plus it would be interesting to know if the other colors fairing is more $$$$$
  7. willytj

    Hears one for the books

    Just remember that its cheaper and easier to fix a shifter than to replace the shifter shaft. The shifter is designed to bend. I'd rather bend the shifter than break or bend the shifter shaft. Been there.. done that... believe me........
  8. willytj

    Fuel Tank/Reserve capacity DR 650

    I recently purchased a 2005 DR650. Overall its a great bike and a lot of fun to ride on the twisty backroads....... However, there is one thing that is quite puzzling to me..... Fuel tank and reserve capacity...... The advertised capacity of the fuel tank is 3.4 gallons. I have been getting @60 miles per gallon. If you assume there is .5 gal in reserve you should get @174 miles before hitting reserve. However I get to 120 miles and I have to switch to reserve. Plus "IF" I'm lucky I may get and additional 30 miles (Which indicates .5 gal of reserve) I tilted the bike back and forth and there appeared to be some fuel left in the tank after reserve ran out (Yes I had extra) but it was hard to determine how much. According to my calculations there is almost one gallon of gas that is not used. (174 estimated - 120 actual = 54 miles). When I filled the tank back up it used almost exactly 2.5 gallon. therefore 3.4 advertised tank capacity - 2.5 used = .9 gallons There are a couple of possibilities and maybe someone can shed some light on this: 1. There is actually one gallon of gas left in the tank. The petcock may not allow to the extra gas to be used. Is there a mod to get the rest of the fuel out? 2. The tank is actually a little over 2.5 gallons. 3. The speedometer is way off causing my fuel mileage calculations to be inaccurate. 4. There are mischievous gnomes in my gas tank ........ Thanks for any ideas or insight you may have! Happy trails!