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  1. svryder

    duke carb swap

    hey lvdukerider , Thanks again man, I appreciate the info. I heard that the FCR is indeed stock on the Duke after 2002 I think. I will install the carb first and then decide what my next step is. I've only had it a week and a half but I already don't miss my SV at all !!
  2. svryder

    duke carb swap

    What setup are you running with your bike (jetting, exhaust, airbox) and did you have to do alot of tuning to dial it in ? I haven't opened the new carb yet but I am assuming it has a stock jet size in there. It also came with new throttle cables and a thumbscrew extender for the mixture. Thanks again...
  3. svryder

    assistance needed !

    thanks alot LV! I got it cut down and welded and now she sits nicely . Thanks for the info >
  4. Hello again! I have access to a new keihin fcr 41mm for My 2000 duke and my question is Do i need to modify anything else (airbox ,exhaust, etc) to run this carb? I got a spare set of pipes with the bike and I've figured out the endcap mods but for now the duke remains stock (for now...)
  5. Hey guys I just got a 2000 duke and it came with the kickstand for the 640 Adventure. (way too long). Can somebody with a duke give me a rough measurement of overall length on their kickstand before mine falls over ? I plan on cutting it down and re-welding the baseplate. Thanks in advance...
  6. hello everbody ! I went to get my sv650s inspected today and found a 2000 duke lc4 for sale and now I want it . This one has only 4k miles on it and was owned by a lucky guy who had a whole stable of nice bikes. He wrecked it last february. The bike went over on its left side and on his leg Well the damage: busted kickstand, gearshift, front wheel. The plastics over the left pipe are rashed a little but other than that it looks real good. So it was up there at the shop and they've ordered the parts to fix it. They are asking $3600 for it which would just about be an even trade for my SV . I'm going for it, But I have a few questions. What is the seat height and is there a ride height adjustment on that ?