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  1. MD614

    applying graphics help

    The best way to apply graphics, I have found, is to use a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alchohol and water. Yes, it is a bear to put the graphics on the right side number plate.
  2. Thanks. Now I have the bigbore kit I realy notice the sluggish starting.
  3. MD614

    major mantience after break in?

    The corect way is to have your bike on a stand to relieve the tension on the forks, then let the air out using the bleeder screws on top of the fork caps.
  4. MD614

    Big Bore Question?

  5. MD614

    Big Bore Question?

    Excellent! Thank you for that.
  6. MD614

    Big Bore Question?

    Any thoughts?
  7. MD614

    Big Bore Question?

    A well known tuner here of this post told me the stock Honda crank is easliy up to the task of handling the 276. Also some people are going higher compression, while you say the heavier piston is harder on the crank what about more compression. The TR compression is lower than stock.
  8. MD614

    Big Bore Question?

    Whats your take on Thumper Racing,s 270 for the CRF. Do you believe because of its iron cylinder it will eat pistons, etc.
  9. MD614

    40+ older riders out there help me?

    . Maybe you could try running a hare scramble and see how it interest you. Motocross is alot more risky. Try it and see how you like it before you sell.
  10. MD614

    oil leakage

    Yea. The correct way to install is to take the seal out of the valve cover and put it on the spark plug pipe well then install the cover to resist damaging the seal and to make sure it seats properly
  11. MD614

    Coolant reserve tank-any problems?

    I got a 250X and just removed the tank and set the hoses up just like a R model.
  12. MD614

    Cutting or narrow handlebars?

    You may have a hard time mounting up your bark busters. Sometimes you have to drill new holes where the bark buster bolts to the clamp.
  13. Yea! I figured it saved me about $150,000
  14. MD614

    Will R exhuast systems always fit and X

    I know if you use a aftermarket exhaust like Akropovic or FMF thats made for the R it rubs on the radiator hose on the X. The reason is the cases on the X are wider. I ran into this problem,but, I use a heat shield from a kit here at the Ford dealership made for the 6.0 diesel that I put in between the pipe and the hose. It works perfectly,with no overheating problem at all. I would not recommend using a R pipe without doing the ccc mods. If you dont use a different cam you will not be maximizing the extra benefit of using a R exhaust.
  15. MD614

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    I didn,t get hurt but damn close to losing my life. My wife and I went to the lake to take the Ski Tique out for some skiing one hot ass day. I got up there and the damn engine wouldn't start. I pulled the air cleaner off it and sprayed starting fluid in it and got it cranked. I had a new GNCC shirt on I would not let my wife wear because she stained my Factory Connection shirt before I even wore it. So I get down in the engine to put the cleaner back on and the dang belts sucked my shirt in, in a split second I was resisting the pull for my life. Luckily my shirt gave way and I was released shirtless. My nerves were so tore up I went to the marina immediately and bought a 12 pack. Happened about 6 years ago and my wife is still telling this story.