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    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    Update: The ceramic balancing beads didn't work for me. Is anyone surprised by that? Since that didn't work, I decided to add the second rimlock to each wheel instead of using lead weights, because it is guaranteed to stay put and perfectly offset the weight of the other rimlock. The result? No vibrations up to 80mph. Note about two rimlocks per wheel: I found it to be no extra trouble to mount the tire with two rimlocks IF the rimlocks are well designed. This means the stem must be long enough to let the rimlock move well clear of the wheel. The all-rubber ones didn't work for me in the rear wheel, but the alloy ones worked great (and they grip awesome, too).
  2. I understand it comes quite lean, but a factory mechanic worked on mine at the dealer demo days thing out at Washougal. So it appears to be jetted correctly now. (For about 500' altitude). As far as power, I have nothing to compare it to: Years ago I owned an XR600 and it seems like similar power but less torque (yeah, and 50lbs lighter). My most recent bike can't be rated in HP -- more like MP (mouse power). Also, they dropped the front sprocket down by one tooth, so that affects the feel quite a bit. I may still increase the rear sprocket size -- we'll see after I hit the trails. I posted some crummy photos on KTMtalk. If (I find some free time AND I am home AND the sun is up) then I will take a better photo.
  3. So here's what I can tell you: Without checking it with a VOM, I would say the headlight, tail light, and brake light all run on AC directly out of the alternator. These do not light until the engine is running, and their intensity drops considerably at low RPM. The starter, turn signals, and computer light all run on 12VDC out of the battery, which is charged by the regulator. Not sure which circuit the ignition runs on.
  4. So if I understand what you're saying, the can at the bottom is just a catch can to store liquid fuel that would have otherwise spilled on the ground. And the charcoal canister serves the usual function of storing fuel vapors that would have otherwise escaped to the atmosphere. And the vacuum-operated valve? What does it do?
  5. BrotherJethro

    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    That's a pretty good tip... I may have to use it.
  6. Oh, I've never seen a kickstand like that. Again, thankfully, no the kickstand is just a regular kickstand. Funny you mention the KLR250 -- that's what I'm upgrading from. I removed the kickstand interlock because I saw it as a possible "stop you on the trail" failure point. Sure enough, last week I'm out with a friend who also has a KLR250 and I had to "field mod" his kickstand interlock when a rock destroyed the switch and left his bike dead. Had I not known about the interlock (due to owning the same bike), it could have taken a LONG time to debug this. As it was, 3 minutes with a sharp knife and we were on our way. This is why I'm worried about all the emissions crap on the KTM -- because I don't understand its function, and therefore its failure mechanisms.
  7. Hey, if you find the link again, please post it.
  8. BrotherJethro

    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    It figures. Well, I'll try 'em anyway, and if they don't work for me, I think I'm going to do the dual rimlock thing.
  9. The turn signals and horn work with the key on (not off), regardless of whether or not the engine is on -- so I was surprised that the headlight, tail light, and brake lights do not work until the engine is running. There is no kickstand interlock (thankfully). I'm not sure what an auto-retract kickstand is, but it appears to be the exact one from the 2006 model.
  10. Me too... FYI, I've found a lot of smog crap on the bike -- apparently everyone gets all the California junk -- there's a canister down low, in front of the swingarm, and another in the rear of the air filter compartment. I found this sticker which attempts to explain the hose routing: Looks like a nightmare to me. I'm going to guess this won't help the reliability, and I really doubt it's going to save the planet.
  11. Yes and yes, it has all the DOT stuff: Horn, two UGLY mirrors, front and rear turn signals, brake lights, tail light, head light, high beam, battery -- though the battery serves no DOT purpose, as the lights do not come on when the engine is not running. Funniest thing I've found so far: It has a momentary-on high beam flash button, like for passing on the autobahn. How pointless is that for a barely-legal dirt bike?
  12. Yes, it has a key with ON and OFF. And there's a separate steering stem lock, but I haven't tried it. When you turn the key on, neither the headlight nor the tail light turns on. Apparently the engine must be running for the lights to work. I'm fine with this, but if you stall it on the road at night, you're just a speed bump.
  13. Brought mine home yesterday! It was used as a demo unit with 100 miles from some dealers-only ride at Washougal. I'm just hoping they weren't too mean to the brand new engine -- you only get to break it in once. I haven't had a chance to ride anywhere except around the block. It's killing me, having it sitting there in the garage! BTW, someone asked about passenger pegs -- nope. If your buddy's bike breaks down in BFE, he'll have to watch where his feet go. And don't even pretend your girlfriend or wife is going to sit back there.
  14. BrotherJethro

    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    Oh, BTW, over on KTMTalk.com someone suggested I should check out http://www.innovativebalancing.com/ I've ordered 2 x 2oz of these ceramic balancing beads. What a geek I am. We'll see what happens, and I will post a followup. And also, thanks for the dual rimlock info (about running with a flat). I also purchased some more rimlocks and if the balancing beads don't work, I'll go with the dual rimlocks.
  15. BrotherJethro

    Wheel hop due to rim locks -- help!

    "2- You bought a racebike with a license plate. It's not a "dualsport" in the strict sense. Also, how the hell do you have yours but I'm still waiting for my '07 EXC to get here? " Yes -- race bike with plate is what I wanted -- I want little old ladies to call 911 when they see it on the road in front of them! How did I get it, indeed... Yesterday I called up the dealer to ask, yet again, when they will arrive. He tells me they've got one sitting right there. It was a demo unit with 100 miles, used for some dealers-only party at Washougal last month. Approx 2 hours later it was strapped into the back of my pickup! It's not 100% shiny and new -- a little scratched up here and there, but to make up for that, they dropped the price, and also a factory mechanic spent several hours tuning it for the dealer party.