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  1. tombugg

    2010 rm-z 250 carby issues.

    2010 RMZ250 doesnt have a carb it has Fuel Injection??
  2. Will this work for a 2003 450??
  3. tombugg

    Valve ?'s

    I would normally not ask a question that I know has been asked a million times however the search function has been down all day and I am looking for the do it your self Valve post (I thought it use to be on a sticky ) Anyhow, It is time to do the valves on my 03 450 and any help in finding that post would be mucho grato (whatever that means..) Thanks Tom Bugg
  4. tombugg

    Help,.. kickstart gear haning up???

    Finally found out that it was my stopper plate that was broken. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. tombugg

    Help,.. kickstart gear haning up???

    Thats The plan. Thank you all for your imput!
  6. tombugg

    Help,.. kickstart gear haning up???

    Thank you all for the replies, but no such luck (I was really hoping that that was it) I filled It up to the rim, no difference.. Any other possibilities
  7. My 03 CRF450 started making a noise today after starting it like the bike was running with the kickstarter in the down possition? If I hold it all the way in the up possition it goes away. There doesn't seem to be much play in it at all. Any ideas would be greatly apreciated. Tom Bugg