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    noise in TE 610

    I had similar problems with my 1997 TC610 which has kept me baffled for some time. I would suggest you take a close look at the following: 1. Bushes within the rocker shafts 2. Valve lifter on the cam 3. Tappet screws 4. Valve stem guides 5. Cam chain slippers 6. Conrod bearings I personally found the following to be my cause of noise: 1. Rocker shaft bush was so loose that it was drifting up and down the rocker shaft pin. 2. Valve lifter was so worn that it floated about too much on the cam, and hence the cam follower moved sharply when it reached the valve lifter. 3. Valve stem guides worn and you could actually see the valve stems move when the tappet screws came into contact them. 4. Cam chain slippers looked healthy, yet they weren't actually in contact with the cam chain, even after full adjustment.
  2. BDRichardson

    TC 610 Setup

    Oops... apologies. I meant to say it is a single cam engine... obviously! I have since confirmed that my cam sprocket alignment is correct. But would still really appreciate it if anyone can offer answer any of the remaining questions.
  3. BDRichardson

    TC 610 Setup

    Hi, I would be extremely grateful if someone would kindly help me with the following for my 1997 TC610... What are the correct valve clearances? What is the typical number of turns for the air/fuel mix screw? What is the correct static ignition timing angle? What is the correct way to set up the timing, i.e. timing sprocket setup? I have fitted a new timing chain, slippers, and sprockets, but am not confident that they are set up properly. Note, it is a twin cam system. How do you check the ignition timing? Please help!!!