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  1. Jimmy814

    KTM 250 exc too small???

    I have an 02 and am really pleased with it. I have suspension dialed in for me and I'm considering a white brothers pipe. Jimmy
  2. Jimmy814

    ktm's necks breaking

    This happened to david pingree when he landed a double or triple once back in 02 or 01 I think it was in supercross. Pretty unheard of though. It probably is just as rare on all bikes. Jimmy
  3. Jimmy814

    Cheng Shin Tires?

    They do have a shorter life than my favorite michelin M12s but the traction in most conditions is awesome when they are brand new. The compuond is really soft which is why they wear fast but that is what you trade for good traction on slippery hardpack. Also they clean well because of the simple tread design. Jimmy
  4. Jimmy814

    Best hydralic clutch guard

    I have an EE unit and have tested it. I had a brand new chain and it stretched as it broke in. I grabbed second out of a corner and heard a slap noise. The EE is barely wounded. I wanted to get rid of the cover because it traps mud and grass
  5. Jimmy814

    KTM exc 250 2002

    Hi I ride a EXC 250 4stroke. It is an 02. I do some racing and I have never had a problem against other size bikes. I don't think it is underpowered. I ride with 125s alot and 250fs and 400-525s and I hang with them. I don't even have a pipe on it. I'm 16 and I push it pretty hard and like I said no problems. The only problem I have had is my odometer quit. But I want to get a trail tech anyways. I run Motul 15W50 and change the filter every two oil changes. jimmy
  6. Jimmy814

    I think i want a KTM but...

    The only thing I have noticed on KTMs is that they like to be thrown into corners more. The front end on them is just a little more pushy. Once you get used to it they are awesome though and the fit and finish is amazing. Especially the no tools required to change air filter and the swingarm adjuster blocks which make tire changes super easy and fast. And the oversize magura bars or Renthals on them are great. And what jap bike has the hydraulic clutch. Jimmy
  7. Jimmy814

    How good is stock KTM exhaust?

    Hi guys just found this site. Anyways I have an 05 525EXC and an 02 250EXC RFS in my garage. These bikes have great power. The 525 needed nothing but the 250 got some work done on the forks and they are awesome machines. Suposedly a power now can give you much more snap but I want to ride a bike with it before I pay. 525 power is unbelieveable. But it is very very easy for me to handle. Jimmy