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  1. hollifield21

    Partial Ligament Tear Wrist?

    I'm not sure, I would need to ask my doctor. Patrick #7
  2. hollifield21

    Partial Ligament Tear Wrist?

    I was in my first race back in August of last year. I was running in the 125 D class and was in 6th position of 18 riders. I was on the last lap trying to hold off another rider when I crashed on a tricky up hill step up. I initially thought that I just had a sprained right wrist, after having pain for almost four months I decided to go to the doctor. After going to the doctor (orthopedic specializing in wrist and hand) and having a MRI, I'm being told that it looks like I have a partial ligament tear between the metacarpals. The doctor wants to schedule arthrogram and surgury in conjuction with one another. If I go through with the surgery I'm told that I will have pins in my wrist and it will be in a cast for ten weeks. I'm still able to ride as we speak but with different leaves of pain. I hoping that someone out there can give me some input on the situation. Patrick #7
  3. hollifield21

    Need New Chain

    I recently bought a 04 CRF 250R and the chain and sprocket are worn. What type of chain should I buy? I don't think that I want an o-ring chain due to the drag. Any input helps.