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  1. This is what I did: o clean with soap and water o scuff up with a scotch pad, o clean with turps o paint with plastic primer o final coats with an acrylic lacquer. o sanded smooth with 2000 grit paper o finally cut and polished. The finish was superb, very pleased. The bike has now done 5,000 km's and so far the panels are holding up nicely.
  2. spn383, the white on the headlight surround is a decal. It is easily removed with the aid of a bit of heat (eg hair dryer)
  3. I weighed my bike before and after supermotard conversion, managed to shed 11 kg - I assumed a fair bit of this was the muffler so pulled the FMF off today to compare - stock muffler 5.4kg (approx 12 lb), FMF 2.2kg (5lb) - looks like DoubleD650 ‘s 7 lb estimate was bang on.
  4. I went for the FMF Q2 for sound mainly - the stock muffler makes the bike sound like a 125. I have noticed an improvement in bottom to mid range plus there is a good weight saving. I wonder if anyone has accurately compared the weight of the FMF vs. stock?
  5. I am on my second one. I did 45,000 km's on the first with the only problem being a faulty starter motor within the first couple of months (replaced under warranty). Original chain and sprocket were not replaced until 40,000 Km's. I sold that one to a mate of mine and it is still going strong. I get 250- 260 km's commuting, down to just over 200 on the open road.
  6. My recently finished motard conversion