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  1. we went to the event .we had a blast they had four or five differrent races you could enter . they had all kinds of raffles and tons of prizes.they had a dog show.there was hardly any time to go on a long ride there was so much stuff going .they also had alot of venders selling cool stuff . on sunday they had a poker run 18 miles through the desert it was beautiful out there at this time of year .they also had a great tritip dinner and campfire .you reaaaaaaaly missed it .there going to have another one in september.
  2. has anybody had a problem getting their 450x plated in nevada ?
  3. has anybody had a problem getting their 450x street legal in nevada lately ?
  4. has anybody had a problem getting their 450x street legal in nevada lately. I had a friend say they won`t do it any more because it is a offroad bike.
  5. turtle gurus I got a question about the great turtle reserve area out near cal city . if the ravens are eating the baby turtles why is there still a fence up the dirt bikers are not hurting them . Also i was riding from cal city to jawbone last weekend and there was a new fence up that said some bs about turtle area .
  6. thanks for the 411 scorpion bay sounds great I have been there once before the surf was awesome now i just have to figure out how to get my bike down there
  7. does anyone know of any great right hand point breaks and fun riding spots in baja