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  1. crf_kdx

    2010 for woods?

    Junior's (good Lite C rider) been on one a month so with two hare scrambles under his belt (KORHS & OMA Winter National). His report is the bike is very nimble in the woods, smooth power roll on, and so far easy to start after a spill. IMS has a 2.7 gallon tank to replace the tiny stock 1.5 gallon tank. Obviously, putting weight up high made the bike a bit less nimble but 1.5 gallons isn't enough for 2+ hours of racing. Junior weighs 135 and he likes the way the front end handles but the rear is too stiff. I think we'll try taking the 4.8kg/mm off his '06 250X and see how that works.
  2. crf_kdx

    Kentucky Offroad Hare Scrambles Series

    KORHS site is back online!!
  3. Say, fellow KY HS riders, the KORHS www site was not available today. Anyone have any idea if this is simply an oversite or is this an indication of the demise of the series????? I sure hope it's the former as KORHS has been a great series!!!!
  4. crf_kdx

    First round OMA Nashville Tn.

    I agree with 1st4stroke41 . . . everyone's posted first lap time was 30 to 35 minutes off their other lap times suggesting the race's true start time didn't match that of the timing and scoring system.
  5. I also got the Mobil 1 Racing 2T for a penny at my local Autozone but seemingly some of the outlets have this deal and others do not.
  6. crf_kdx


    The season schedule has recently been filled in on the KORHS www site: April 20 ->Mountain Parkway Off-Road (MPOR) -> Clay City May 4 -> OMA at Millerstown -> Royal ATV June 8 -> Boiling Springs - Hart County -> Hart County June 29 -> Butler County 2-Man Event -> Butler County July 13 -> Mountain Parkway Off-Road (MPOR) -> Clay City August 16 -> Saddleback -> Bedford (Bike Only) September 7 -> Big Hill -> Jackson County October 5 -> Hardwick Creek -> Powell County
  7. crf_kdx


    From the KORHS site (http://www.kyharescramble.com/): "SCHEDULE CHANGE: Please note that the first two-man event will be held on Sunday, March the 30th (not the 23rd as originally posted)."
  8. crf_kdx

    KDX200/220 Jetting Database

    year: 2005 model: 200 Eastern Kentucky // 900 ft +- 300 // year 'round engine mods Wiseco Standard Piston & Rings Airbox lid: snorkle removed, ten 1/2" holes drilled Boyesen 607 Reeds UNI Air Filter w/ No Toil Oil FMF Gold Series “Gnarly Woods” w/ stock silencer pilot jet: 42 (>50 degrees) // 45 (<50 degrees) main jet: 150 (>50 degrees) // 152 (<50 degrees) needle number/type and clip: CEL-2 (>50 degrees) // DEL-3 (<50 degrees)
  9. crf_kdx

    Only 3 KORHS Races Left!!

    Ditto to both of Double Duece WR's comments!! KORHS is a well run HS series - I encourage folks in the KY area to give 'em a try if you haven't done so yet! ((We had to miss the Knott County race because we had to replace the intake valves in junior's 250X after just 850 miles. Bummer!!))
  10. crf_kdx

    rock >> chain guide

    Zounds - that looks a whole lot stronger that the darn spot welds on the original chain guide mounts!! No major worries about welding on the swingarm, eh?!!?
  11. crf_kdx

    rock >> chain guide

    My son and I were out riding today and he kicked up a fair sized rock with the front wheel of his new 250X that ended up taking out his chain guide. The blow actually broke the welds on the swingarm the hold the chainguide and the guide followed the chain around the rear sprocket stopping just short of the front sprocket. It looks like the rear sprocket is deformed but I'm more concerned with how we go about repairing the chainguide mounts. I've done a quick check online and swingarm assemblies are certainly not cheap!! Any thoughts here short of spend upwards of $500 for a new swingarm??
  12. crf_kdx

    What's required to ride on Ocala National Forest?

    Outstanding - thanks for the info.
  13. Hey folks! Heading to Florida (from eastern KY) over the holidays and I thought I'd take along the dirts bikes. It appears the Ocala National Forest (Big Scrub & West Delancy) are the two rides closest to the in-laws place in Lake Wales. Do I need any special Florida permits to ride there? If so, what's required and where do I get 'em? What's with all the "titles & stickers" I see mentioned at some of the www sites? We have a few fee areas here in KY (Land-between-the-lakes & Redbird Crest Trails) but we just pay our money and go play. I'd hate to haul the bikes that far and not be able to ride because I failed to bring along something needed by the state or the forest service. Thanks!