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    Corbin seat wanted

    I sent my Corbin back to get more padding in the front, and it doesn't look like your seat. I guess i should have said put xxxxtra xxxxtra padding in it I guesss. I still slide in the tank.
  2. 004zrd

    A ? for Corbin Seat Owners

    I had the same problem with mine. I sent it back to Corbin to have it redone, and it still pushes me into the tank. I think if it was a little wider at the front it wouldn't do this. Anyhow I have the stocker back on and my Corbin sits in the rafters of my shed.
  3. Sweet. That's why I purchased the kit, for the blue side panels.
  4. 004zrd

    Cheap Seat

    Sounds like a good investment. You could spend almost $300 and get a Corbin piece of junk. Then you could argue with them on the phone, have them redo it and still have a seat that drives your balls into the gas tank.
  5. 0 weight oil is not good for gear boxes because it dosn't have the recommended shear strength. Also most car oils have so many '"slippery" additives in it to increase gas mileage, it is not really very good for wet clutches. I use synthetic oil in everything I own and use only motorcycle oil in my DRZ.
  6. 004zrd

    06 sm battery

    DRZ batteries don't like to be deep cycled. I let mine go dead last year and it wouldn't come back to life, and did the same this year. Let it set too long in the fall without disconnecting the battery and it went dead. I recharged it back then and again today, but it wouldn't crank my bike over. It will get another new battery this year too.
  7. 004zrd

    Sears Cycle Jack On Sale ---- $59

    I've have one of these jacks for about three years now. it lifts motorcycles, Atv's and snowmobiles. It is awesome. it is the only jack that i own that doesn't leak.
  8. 004zrd

    Who really likes their Corbin Seat?

    I was unhappy with mine too and sent it back to Corbin to get extra padding and a black cover. It took a few calls and a couple of emails but they are going to redo it. I figure I have nothing to loose.
  9. I love my DRZ 400 but i want to take it on longs trips, but not into the sore butt. I've already tried a Corbon seat and that was a joke. I want to keep my bike , but if i can't compromise on a comfortable ride, i'm going to have to get a street bike. I don't care about the looks, ( the corbin blue was ugly anyways) iI just want to ride. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.
  10. 004zrd

    Winter Project Questions

    I haven't tried the FCR carb mod yet. Does it make a difference. Just wondering, still have some time before spring.
  11. 004zrd

    Pictures of my 2006 DRZ 400s

    Sweet bike, I have a blue one too. My signal lights are in the handguards. Did you change the base gasket yet. You have to run 93 octane , but it gives you better midrange and more decellaration braking.
  12. 004zrd

    One disadvantage to a dual sport bike--FYI

    That is the way home owners insurance works. It won't cover anything that can be insured itself. For an example, if you have a 1965 Mustang that doesn't have full coverage on it and one of your trees falls on it, you are "screwed'.It would be a very bad day.
  13. 004zrd

    Which seat in the best for my DRZ 400

    I did talk to Corbin today. They said they didn't know what I mean about extra padding for my seat. I asked them if they could add more and they said it would make it the same height as the stock seat. I never had a problem with the stock height nor did I tell them I had a problem with the stock height. I also told them that the blue didn't match my bike and it soaked up water like a sponge when it rained. They told me that I should have ordered it with a color that matched my bike ( I thought that when I told them I had a blue DRZ, they would already have that figured out), and not to leave it out in the rain. Anyhow they said it would be about $130 to correct this. should I put any more money in this seat or just out it on Ebay. I guess when you buy a Corbin it is like buying a Harley. You are paying for the name, not QUALITY.
  14. just got mine too, i wanted the blue side panels.
  15. 004zrd

    "E" exhaust on "S" ?

    I first had only the "E" muffler on my DRZ and it was ok, but when i put the bigger head pipe on , it gained alot of bottom. I even put the stock front sprocket back on. I also have the thin cylinder gasket, the "E" intake cam, air box mods, and a jet kit. they all helped too.
  16. 004zrd

    Which seat in the best for my DRZ 400

    How about this seat, http://www.billmayersaddles.com/Suzuki.DRZ.html has anybody tried it. i was wondering about it and how much it weighs also. the corbin was very heavy.
  17. 004zrd

    Which seat in the best for my DRZ 400

    I emailed them a couple of times telling them how unhappy i was with there seat ( very unconfortable, soaks up water when left uncovered, poor color match), and never got a reply.I had a buddy talk to them personally at the Americade telling them how unhappy he was with his $600 seat and they kinda blew him off saying he needed to 'break his seat in" (he had 18,000 miles on the seat on his FJR but didn't want to get rid of it because of the price he paid for it), so I kind of gave up on them. I'd pay extra for the extra padding on it if they'd redo it, and I'd even give them the new material that matched the color of the bike. i just wann keep the bike, IT ROCKS>
  18. I bought a Corbin and wasn't totally impressed. Yes it's better than stock but nothing youd expect from a company that claims to be the best. You do keep creeping forward on it as metioned before. If you leave your bike outside it will soak up water through the seams and you will get a wet butt when you ride it. Also of all the material that is available to them, why couldn't they match the blue on a blue bike. I have a baby blue seat on a dark blue bike. just my opinion. I totally love my DRZ though, it rocks.
  19. 004zrd

    Heat shield on an FMF exhaust

    I just welded some nuts to my pipe. nothing major to do.
  20. 004zrd

    511 vs 520 chain

    So whats the difference between a 420 and 428, i know they don't interchange. Just wondering.
  21. I'm goinng to the Americade in Lake George friday and was wondering if anyone else here was going. Would be cool to see alot of DRZ's there.
  22. 004zrd

    E base gasket

    Its pretty easy, just leave the piston in the cylinder and remove the clip and push the pin out.
  23. 004zrd

    Which Sprocket ?

    The countershaft sprocket is a quick change, it gives alot better bottom and is an easy swap if you decide to put the 15 back in for a long road trip.
  24. 004zrd

    E base gasket

    Yeah it does. It gave me more bottom, but it also raised the powerband some. I shift at higher rpms now. i also noticed the compression when decellerating. Definateley worth the $30.00.
  25. 004zrd

    FMF Powerbomb or Hiflow

    I guess they don't mind loud Harleys though.