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  1. Where did you purchase your bike from? Is there any tracks around here? Question to pitster...how can I buy a bike with no dealer around here? How much is a new pitster or any remaining '05's you have in stock? Also what mods can you do to make the bike go faster besides a pipe? can you get this to run in the mid 50's?
  2. Rossthehoss

    Little help

    thanks i think it wont be a mistake getting one of these instead of a big bike now
  3. Rossthehoss

    Little help

    Does anyone trail ride on their bike? How is it?(can it make it up hills, over rocks etc.?) How easy is it to wheelie
  4. Rossthehoss

    Little help

    New on the site been looking at big bikes vs. these pit bikes..i like the pit bikes and will probably get one. I've been looking at a pitser but I am just confused on what parts will fit on it. Will parts from a crf50 fit or a klx110? One last thing to people with pitbikes, I'm 5'9 155lbs how would the power be and how confortable would it be? Any help would be great. (This site is just filled with very helpful information thank you all).
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    does anyone really care? talk about stealing a topic...(btw..im new and i wasnt going to say anything but you tick me off)