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  1. KaoticFL

    Cutting Crossbar on Twinwalls??

    Ya, true.... in the comments down below the video, someone posted that people cut it. I had never heard of it being done, and was just seeing if people really do that.
  2. KaoticFL

    Cutting Crossbar on Twinwalls??

  3. KaoticFL

    Cutting Crossbar on Twinwalls??

    Sorry guys, my reason for this thread was not intended towards removing the crossbar, I was just curious after seeing that video of why they just cut a slit in it and leave it on and continue to use it and the pad. Didnt know if it was to add flex to the bars, or soften the pad up if you do happen to hit it.
  4. Has anyone ever done this? I saw it TransWorld in the video when they were changing handlebars. You can see where they wrapped tape around the cut in the center crossbar before they put the pad back on. What would be the purpose of this??
  5. KaoticFL

    Looking for a light helmet

    Airohs are nice, but is there anywhere in the states that you can get them?
  6. KaoticFL

    Looking for a light helmet

    If you like the look of the new AGV helmets, they are really lightweight. They weigh in at 2.5lbs and feel extremely light when on.
  7. From what I heard....Hinson is the way to go.
  8. KaoticFL

    Gearing on a 2011?

    What gearing is everyone running on medium sized MX tracks? Has anyone experimented with different combinations?
  9. KaoticFL

    Pics of Your 450....

    Im liking the Ken Block lookng bike!
  10. KaoticFL

    Best 2011-12 SA pipe set-up for crf450?

    Yes, it has a removable approved spark arrestor and no you do not need to remap it via pro circuit. That is unless you have a highly modified engine. Look in my garage for pics.
  11. KaoticFL

    Best 2011-12 SA pipe set-up for crf450?

    Pro Circuit T4 system hands down. Had a yoshi on, but the PC is much better!
  12. KaoticFL

    Trick to removing exhaust gasket '09+?

    Alright, I will give that a try. Was yours wedged in there pretty good?
  13. I wanna replace the copper exhaust gasket between the head-headpipe, but it seems to be in there pretty good and does not wanna come out. Is there a trick to getting it out?
  14. What is a good plastic safe contact cleaner? Are there any at the autoparts store, or lowes? Just would be nice to not have to track down moto branded all the time.
  15. KaoticFL

    2011 Crf450 Exhaust

    I tried the yoshi system but ended up with the pro circuit T4 on my '11.