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  1. terryrush57

    Lost coast D/S

    I'll be riding in the "Old, slow, busted up, fat guy" mode; I welcome like-minded riders, and the sweep crew.
  2. terryrush57

    CSU, CHICO Dirt Bike Club

    Hi! I just saw this thread; My son goes to Chico State and is itching to go trailriding somewhere close by. Where do you ride, is there NF or BLM land within a short distance?
  3. terryrush57

    Pyle Road, Lake County

    I'd like to ask if one or more of our Lake County TT members could tell me the story behind the Pyle Road "riding area" on hwy 20 between Nice and Upper lake. It's obvious that lots of bike and ATV riders have been using this area for quite a while, yet it's just as obvious that it's private property. This is a great place to take kids riding, at least better than Cow Mountain. The last time I was there with my two boys, over a year ago,we were taking a break and saw a sheriff down the road writing somebody up. We discreetly loaded up and got the hell out of there and haven't been back since. Is it OK to ride there if you don't draw attention to yourself, or are they cracking down now, or should I just forget about it?
  4. terryrush57

    Smoky old Honda

    Thanks for all the replies! Yeah, it's old, but it has been gone through a few times (I bought it when it was only a year old). Its got an XR600 rear shock, a nice big rear luggage rack, and some general jetting and fiddling. I have an XR250 for real trailriding (one doesn't need a whole lot of power for Nor-Cal woods riding) and a street bike, but my good old 600 is very handy and fun to ride, even though it's old enough to vote! Thanks again!
  5. terryrush57

    Smoky old Honda

    I have an '83 Honda XL600R that I use for commuting, running errands and some fire-roading. When it's cold and first started, it produces great billowing clouds of blue smoke, especially when the oil tank is full to the top. I could swear that I read in one of the magazines some years ago that these bikes have a check valve in the oil system somewhere which can leak or go bad and cause this problem. My Clymer shop manual doesn't show it. I will be doing the top-end on the bike this winter and would like to fix this. Does anyone know about this valve, and where it might be?