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  1. yzfrider51

    Straddleline ORV. How is it?

    wow. i havent been on here in ever. lol. orv is fun still. the track is kinda different. i havent been there scince last year. but it was fun then. im headin out there monday too. maybe ill see you there.
  2. yzfrider51


    hmm...maybe monday ill make my way down there...i love that track...
  3. yzfrider51

    Support Straddleline

    anyone want to explain this team thing to me ?tahnks : )
  4. yzfrider51

    Doing Top end yourself?

    not sure about 4 strokes. but when i was 13, i did my top end to my 85...
  5. yzfrider51

    need some help...

    here's the deal. i need to know the website of the guy has been taking pictures at Straddle line / orv park. from what the anouncer said, i could make out this much " www.rozbay.net." but thats not right. so if anyone knows it, let me know. thanks.
  6. yzfrider51

    super cross at Quest field

    i think i saw you. when everyone was leavin, i saw a guy on crutches, with a plastic bag. it was out by the street, when you have to go up the stairs.
  7. yzfrider51

    thurston county

    thank you. that is almost exactly the points i gave in my speech to get it reopened. anyways, this weekend the park will be opened, to race. saturday and sunday. starting june first, i believe they will have it open for one week straight, practices, like it used to be.
  8. yzfrider51

    To the idiots at the AMA

    exactly!!!! =) stewart was worse in the dry at seattle ( his practice crash) . haha. he road excellent in the mud. no one complained. not a fan there. im damn glad that they came to seattle.
  9. yzfrider51

    Doug Henry Background

    ooo ooo oooo ooo lane lane lane!!!!! could you make me a back ground of me?!!? pleaaaase?!?! haha. actually, i want a back ground of you! and mudslingers!!! woo hoo =) haha. cool backgrounds tho.
  10. yzfrider51

    Sweet Smelling Exhaust

    i love when i go to the dunes with my uncle. he runs race gas with klotz bean oil in his banshees. i absolutely LOVE that smell. it is probably the best smelling stuff on earth.
  11. 2006 yz250F motocross. 2002 yz250 dunes and some motocross.
  12. that woulda been nice. kdub was just in the way tho =(
  13. yzfrider51

    Thurston County ORV

    the crash deffiantly hurt. lol. im hopin to be back on my bike this weekend, even though the doctors said not to. lol. ill be back the 6th and 7th too. does anyone know the website taht has the pics from that day ? thanks.
  14. yzfrider51

    250 2 stroke in sand..

    my 250 2stroke rips in the sand!!!. i know a 250F and a 450 are too different bikes, but i hate riding my 4 stroke down there. they seem just..underpowered. the 2 strokes you can revv sky high, and thats nice for the sand. ride a 2 stroke down there, you'll love it : )
  15. yzfrider51

    Thurston County ORV

    niether. i was comin into the sectino about 3rd tapped..and clickin 4th. i hit the first bump..and i wasnt set up right, and it kicked my back end sideways. when i hit the second one it kicked me the other way, throwing me. thats all i remember. i think it might have been some of the wind. it was really blowing through there.