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  1. Doharris90

    Edelbrock carb issues (I think)

    No it does not rev up at all. it acts totally normal but if I go up the hill on hard throttle and then let off the bike dies without any indication. If I idle down a steep descent it just dies as well.
  2. Doharris90

    Edelbrock carb issues (I think)

    All good considerations. I have had the carburator out 8 times. The carb is soo clean I could eat off it. The needle looks very clean and I even took a small emery cloth to nock down any burs or anything that would cause it to catch. I checked for the "check" needle to ensure it was still there and cleaned it several times. The Check Ball is in place and everything is clean with the Accelerator pump. The float levels come up about half way on the needle seat. I have even ordered a new needle and seat to eliminate that possible cause. To me it seems like there is too much fuel in the bowl and it causes it to flood. If the bike is idling and I lift the back tire on to a bucket the bike dies instantly. Man this is driving me crazy and I don't have $700 to buy an FCR carb. Edlebrock says they think it is the needle and seat but I cannot figure as to why that would cause the problem but here's to hoping!!!
  3. Doharris90

    Edelbrock carb issues (I think)

    So do you think that the carb is starving for fuel or is there too much fuel? I can't wrap my brain around why it would cut out so quickly buy just applying the brake. The needle and intake jet are deep into the bowl so I just wonder what is actually happening.
  4. I have a 2005 XR650r that is uncorked with stock exhaust and the edelbrock pumper series Carb. Newer version. I have loved this carb but as of recent I want to throw it away!!! My problem is this. My bike started dying just after I would climb a good size hill and peeked over the top causing all sorts of issues. My bike would also do the same thing when in the sand dunes climbing a hill and then coming to a stop and the bike would want to die. I decided to clean my carb and checked out everything. The carb was a little dirty but not bad so put it back together and I must have bumped the floats because it would cut out bad in 5th Gear full throttle. I have since fixed the float issue but my problem still remains. If I pull on the clutch and the front brake hard the bike will just die! If I pull on the clutch and go down a steep hill the bike wants to die and idles very low or it cuts out completely. This caused me to endo in the dunes because I had no power to my back tire. I have checked for Lean or Rich conditions several times. The carb has been in and out of the bike at least 6 times and my wife wants to kill me. I made sure that in Decel the bike is not poping. I have checked the plug and it is a nice light tan color. I put a new plug in. If I ride on the trail or road in relatively flat cricumstances, the bike runs great. What is wierd is that I can Wheelie as long as I want without any problems but as soon as I rev the bike high and any gear and then pull on the clutch and brake it just dies.. Or climb any small hill and as I crest over the hill the bike will die. PLEASE HELP!!! I either need to get this problem fixed. Sell my bike. or get a new carb I guess.
  5. Doharris90

    XR650r Engine NOISe BUZZING at high RMPs

    That is good to hear.. Mine does the same but that goes away after a bit right? This sound is not going away and I am really getting concerned. I have been wanting to put in a stage 2 hot cam and maybe now is the time.
  6. I have an 2005 650R (uncorked w/ edlebrock carb)and when I got it the engine ran smooth and clear. The bike only had 250 miles on it. The valves were adjusted at that time. I have put on another 800 miles and I adjusted the valves and checked and rechecked them. I don't have the book so I guess it could be that I adjusted them wrong but I have worked on xr 600rs for years and understand how to adjust valves. The problem is this, when I rev the bike about 50% there is a noticable buzzing coming from what I would think is the top-end. I took it to a mechanic friend of mine and he said not to worry about it. Well I am worried only because it did not make that noise before and I adjusted the valves because I started to hear a slight buzz. I can hear the Buzz while riding at high revs and it is driving me crazy. I keep thinking that something bad could be happening to the bike. any ideas. Does anyone else have these same symptoms?
  7. Doharris90

    650R Top Speed?? puzzled.

    Well because of elevation differences I simply adjust the needle until I get the backfire in DECeL then adjust in until there is no backfire.
  8. Doharris90

    650R Top Speed?? puzzled.

    Do you have the stock exhaust and what is your elevation?. Yeah I cannot figure it out. according to everything that I have read I should be able to crack 100 with the edlebrock and my setup. Uncorked the HRC Exhaust tip. :ride:
  9. Doharris90

    650R Top Speed?? puzzled.

    I was finally able to get a GPS and test my top speed on the 650r and was very dissapointed. I have a 2005 R with the Edlebrock Carb with #19 needle and HRC Exhaust tip on Stock muffler. Totally uncorked to my knowledge. Stock Gearing and Wheels. Elevation 2880 ft above sea level. There is no backfire on decel. I weigh 225 and fully geared about 240 I didn't have a full stretch and the bike did go 90 MPH but after reaching 85 it seemed the bike didn't have anything left. My buddies 650l BONE Stock does 93 in the same elevation. I am tired of my buddies L and my other buddies KTM 525 beating me... =) Any suggestions? Will a pipe make any real difference? I have heard that a rev box will not do me any good at this point? true? If I drill the airbox is it noticeable? I just want it to reach 101 MPH. what do I need to do? Will I suffer a huge los in MPG?
  10. Why would you have gotten the scotts over the gpr? I like the single dial on the GPR and most of my buddies have them and they seem to work really well. Any pros or cons on these things?
  11. So with your rtt stabilizer do you have any problems with the dipstick? I checked out the website and was very impressed with the concept. Thanks for pointing me in that direction
  12. Man that is great! Do you know of any other options whatsoever? Does anyone else make a stabilizer that works as well? Has anyone tried the GPR Under the bar setup? Does anyone have a picture of thier bike with it installed? Thanks Guys for all the input and info!
  13. I live in Saint George and my back yard is the desert. I have driven twice to the Grand Canyon from my Garage. Until they put the new airport in I am good to go but that means I only have a year or two left. I am going to enjoy it as much as possible before it goes away. Either way I will be street legal and I will be able to hop over to the legal roads. On Tuesday I rode the BRP to the base of the Sand Dunes and back for a quick 1 hour ride and had a blast getting there. I really love riding out here.
  14. I just bought an 05 650R BRP and Live in Southern Utah with hundreds of miles of desert in my back yard. I love the brp but for a 225 lb guy the suspension sucks and the steering is not nearly as sure as my XR600r. I need a good stabilizer and am also trying to put on a desert tank. I would also like to place a speedo and ignition. Any Ideas? Does anyone have photos they could share to give me some Ideas? Thanks ALL!!!
  15. Doharris90

    PLEASE Help. Dieseling noise at 1/3 throttle

    Really? no problems eh with a 19 needle in CO? . That is encouraging. Well maybe I should just bite the bullet and switch the needles and run the mixture back a ways. I found that my problem is very simalar. I get the pings at lower rpms when just shifting. I normally get about 40 mpg and I don't want to get much worse on my long desert rides. 160 miles at times. my first trip ever was to the Grand Canyon and back from my back yard. It was awesome!! I also think I will get the Uni filter and go that route. I have heard several things about the K&N and it sounds like it is not the best for my bike in the desert.