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  1. MotorMan1515

    Odd sound when I ran the valves

    That I am uncertain of.
  2. MotorMan1515

    Odd sound when I ran the valves

    The choice is yours but you may still have issues with the intake valves, as well as running the other used parts. If it were me, I would spend the $120 to get the seats cut, the $170 for the Kibblewhite intake valve kit, and $140 for the OEM exhaust valves and other parts. Then you know everything is new, and will last a long time.
  3. MotorMan1515

    Odd sound when I ran the valves

    They make both, but are more commonly known for their stainless steel valves, which I would recommend for trail riding for their durability. The CRF intake kit (ss valves) is around $170.
  4. MotorMan1515

    2006 crf250r for $900

    If I were you, I would have a leakdown test performed on it. It pressurizes the combustion chamber to make sure the piston/rings, valves and gaskets are all sealing. If it shows low percentage of leakage, chances are the motor is good. If it shows larger percentage of leakage, then something is worn out most likely the valves.
  5. MotorMan1515

    Odd sound when I ran the valves

    I've had good luck with Kibblewhite valves. You can either get the whole set, or an intake kit (the OEM exhaust valves are stainless steel). If you get the full set, you'll need their spring kit. If you get just the intake kit, it comes with the springs, spring seats, valve guide seals and retainers. I prefer to use OEM valve guide seals, and also I would replace all the keepers too.
  6. MotorMan1515

    Showa free pistons

    Hello, I am working on a 2010 CRF250R that appears to have 2011 compression adjusted assemblies. Both free pistons have damage, and I was hoping I could find a solution to find replacement parts (been looking everywhere). I was curious if anyone has tried using two SDI Elite SFF aluminum free pistons, or if they even work for the Showa twin chambers. They appear to be very similar to the free pistons in this bike in terms of specifications. Pic is of what is currently in the bike, one piston is white while the other is black. Thanks!
  7. MotorMan1515

    Showa fork free pistons

    It seems that the compression assembly is actually out of a 2011-2013 CRF250R. Has anyone tried installing SDI SFF free pistons in theirs? I know the SFF forks only have the piston in one side, but the piston looks similar in shape to the OEM's.
  8. MotorMan1515

    Showa fork free pistons

    I will try, thanks.
  9. MotorMan1515

    Showa fork free pistons

    Not SFF.
  10. MotorMan1515

    Crf 250r rear suspension linkage

    Depending how often you wash your bike, and your practices of washing your bike, you may want to check them more frequently than yearly. If you use a pressure washer, it's really easy to get water past the seals therefore causing them to rust. I always try to scrub the linkage area with a brush and then rinse the area standing a ways away or just use a garden hose sprayer.
  11. MotorMan1515

    06 CRF250R kickstarter tough to move

    I would check to make sure the auto decompression mechanism is there and functioning properly. It's a little arm that is on the opposite side of the sprocket, and it is spring loaded. You should be able to turn it by hand, and the spring should return it back into its resting state.
  12. MotorMan1515

    Showa fork free pistons

    Anyone have any luck getting a set of free pistons for a 2010 CRF250R Showa forks? Image shows what I'm dealing with, but I can't seem to find the parts I need. Haven't had an issue finding a set of KYB ones, but Showa is a different story..... Thanks!
  13. MotorMan1515

    CRF250r stutters and dies when hot

    I would start by cleaning the carb and see if that makes a difference.
  14. MotorMan1515

    04 crf250r won't start

    Let me ask a few questions: 1. Did you have the valve seats on the head cut when you replaced the valves? 2. Did you use OEM or aftermarket valves? Reason I ask these questions are because you always need to have the seats cut so that you can match the face of the valve with the valve seat to have the best seal. The OEM intake valves are titanium with a coating on the face, if you lap them, it can take the coating off, thus dramatically reducing the life of the valves. Those are just an FYI to you. If you already knew this I apologize. If they leak a little water out a when blowing air into the head, I would think you should be fine. The intake valves are a little difficult to check because of the angle you need to get in there with the feeler gauge, I would recheck them again just to be sure they are in spec. When you cleaned the carb, did you check the float height? I've seen the tab on the floats be out of adjustment and cause issues like this as well. However the most common problem is the intake valves on these bikes. I hope this helps a little.
  15. MotorMan1515

    Detailed write up on crank case seal?

    I agree, if I had one I was working on, I would be more than happy to help.