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  1. Now whilst I understand what traction control can do, I don't see how traction control would work on a MX track. What when you want to steer with the rear? What when you need to loft the front wheel? What when you need a panic rev mid-air ? It's not like traction control knows when and where not to activate. Anyone read or have any insight on KTMs new traction control ??
  2. Suppose it depends why you need different linkage. A really fast pro will use a different linkage to a slower rider. Track also makes a difference. There is no better linkage generally. There's only the right one for required performance.
  3. I wanted to get a spoke torque kit and 2 separate wheel builders told me not to waste my time and adjust spokes and wheel by feel. Easy said for them .
  4. Veteran

    16 450 FE map setting help

    It's all in the owners manual. Admittedly a touch ambiguous.
  5. Veteran

    2016 450SXF oring chain

    Think they got it wrong. Go to the DID chain website and see specs sheet and recommendations. Both chains are 18.7mm wide and x rings. MX and off-road. The VX is marginally stronger, the VT has a slightly longer life.
  6. Veteran

    2016 450SXF oring chain

    Vx2 is the MX chain. Vt2 is the enduro chain. Both narrow x rings. Slightly diff specs.
  7. Have any of you tried the more aggressive throttle cam ? (Black one) The bike comes std with the grey one. Was wondering if it's worth it , or if you could even feel a difference ?
  8. Veteran

    2016 450xcf Rocker Melted

    Is there a breather on the head cover ? Only thing I can imagine is that water got up there. Even then, the insides are oiled so don't see how you get that corrosion.have you checked valves before ? If so was there any corrosion previously?
  9. Veteran

    my intake valve can't be shimmed. Why?

    Most probably the air filter was not properly seated at some point and the dirt chewed up the seats. This is a common problem. Ktm 1190 adv do it regularly due to bad design. The sx/xc filters can be slightly rotated and not seat correctly. This is why ktm redesigned the filter system on the 16. Air filter and oil maintenance are imperative to the life of our motors. I have a friend who has run 120 hours, mostly sand before a engine refresh. Surprisingly all was still kinda ok. But he is a pedantic maintenance guy.
  10. Veteran

    Rust question!

    Scotch pad and some wd40. Doesn't look bad at all.
  11. Veteran

    AER 48 Fork failure

    Thanks. So in truth there are no appreciable failures and it has been blown out of proportion in proper internet fashion. I remember when 4 strokes arrived. There was a big resistance. Now it's a 4 stroke only in the national races. What's the bet , in a few years all will run air only. When they perform optimally of course.
  12. Veteran

    KTM blown fuse = broken leg

    According to other thread, the FE 16.5 are revised brackets
  13. Veteran

    AER 48 Fork failure

    Are there any European forums that discuss this ? They been running AER for a year almost. Must be over 1000 bikes out there .USA got 4cs last year. Europe bikes came with AER.
  14. Thanks for info. I'll physically check as I strip bike for race prep this weekend. Vin no has no recalls.