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  1. I have a 2015 wr250f and I am not comfortable in the standing position at all so does any one know if I can run 2in rox bar risers without cutting and splicing of wiring and longer cables, also any advice on super touchy throttle off of idle, like a map some one is running to help that issue
  2. Baw166

    For all you old DS80 riders

    i had a ds80 when i was younger and i told my dad it wasnt running right and he didnt believe me then on day it would carry its own weight he got all mad at me and said i blew it up and all it turned out all that was wrong with it was the baffles in the silence were plugged up
  3. Baw166

    06 YFZ450 HorsePowers

    a o6 yfz 450 is producing 33.03 hp stock according to dirtwheels when the compared it to the 06 honda
  4. Baw166

    Weak con-rods! Understatement of the century!

    i know a kid that has a 04 yfz and he just threw a rod this summer
  5. Baw166

    2005 YFZ High pitch sound (intake)

    I have a o5 yfz without the air box lid and piped and it does the same thing with the chirp. my bike is jetted and eveything and when i try to pin the throttle form a idle it cuts out also. I have heard a accelerator pump helps this problem but dont know from experience but soon i might install one.
  6. Baw166

    Best Air Intake?

    i have heard that a k&n filter element has to big of pores for the dirt and dust and mud it lets some get past. For instance i dont know if it was just luck of the draw my buddy has a 03 honda 400ex that wasnt ridne really that much and he raced it a few times. i built the bike for him and it had hmf exaust aluminum air box k&n air filter widened and withn a month of the filter being in there it started smoking. just for that experence i will stay away if could of been just unlucky.
  7. Baw166

    Top Speed

    my 05 yfz with a white brothers pro racing aluminum full pipe i was being followed in my buddies truck at little over 70 with at least 1/4 throttle to go
  8. Baw166

    06 raptor 700r

    how much power is realistic on a quad unless u are in the dunes. I have had a cr500 and that thing wasnt that fun because of too much power for trial and stuff. I have a yfz and the only thing i dont like is it need more throttle response. I just would like to know what u need a sport bike to be that big a utility i can understand. I will agree i like speed and power and always have but is it over board?
  9. Baw166

    valve adjustment

    i downloaded the whole service manual i dont need the book
  10. Baw166

    I bought An 05 YFZ450!!!

    i love my yfz also and i asked the gt thunder guys here in ohio how they liked there yfz and they said that loved them and the kid races in the nationals and ride at bear creek wolf mx supercross practice track good for practice and a fun day.
  11. Baw166

    valve adjustment

    i dont have the book could u send me the pages? e-mail baw166@yahoo.com
  12. Baw166

    Yamaha valve adjustment

    has any one adjusted the valves on there yfz themselves. I hear u have to shim them. How hard was it. Do u know of any where i can download a manual that doesnt take a zip drive. Mine is an 05 Thanks
  13. Baw166

    Cheap/Easy YFZ mods

    i have a 05 yfz and it quick. A good pipe really makes it come alive. But i do hear alot of problems with them. but most people go out and beat em. One thing i took into consideration when i bought mine was the dealers i was going have to deal with to get parts. the honda dealer ships around me dont carry near the stock of parts of the suzuki and yamaha dealer here in alliance Oh
  14. Baw166

    Cycra Body Plastic

    get it it is a good deal
  15. Baw166

    i need help!!

    I have a yfz 450 i like it alot. If u put a pipe on it it really comes alive compared to stock. If the 700 raptor is anything like the 660 i woundnt want it for anything. They are to top heavy. a yfz pushed more horsepower than a 660 anyway. the next problem is fuel injection on the 700 pan in the but to work on if gets broken quad are made to ride hard. A z400 is a nice bike to trail ride but doesnt have the power of a yfz. the 05 z 400 have different cams in them and they run good. I would say it would be between a z400 and yfz but if u gear the yfz down one i hear it makes a nice trail bike. by the way if the 06 yfzs run like my 05 they run hot and have some motor noise the pipe will glow cherry straight from the factory and slow speeds. I like my yfz but it is up 2 u.