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  1. thanks for the help five o addict. 1 more thing if i did get that shock would the bike sit nivce or wood it sit higher in the bak??
  2. I am thinking about buying a pc t4 for my o4 crf 50. It has an 82 kit and i was wundering how this pipe wood perform.I would also like to buy one of those fox float shocks as i have herd dey are quite good for the price.i hav a stock swinger so wood it work? Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou
  3. I would like to knbow where i can buy the new float mxr shock in australia and any australian sites with fox products . any help would be appreciated
  4. I am going to buy some new bars for my fiddy and i was thinking about the five-o bmx bars. What do u guys think?
  5. can u pleez post a picture of them
  6. i have just bought a new crf 50 and i am going to put some bars on it. i was just wondering what the tapered bars were like on a 50 rather than the bmx kind. thanks