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    06 Last year for CR250?

    And all because the PC Californians believe all the hype about global warming is true. The facts are that since records began temperature has remained constant or has declined everywhere except the largest urban conurbations. There might be a melting of the Arctic Polar ice cap, but the Antarctic cap is getting bigger and is much larger to start with.
  2. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    The British stock answer for criticism from the Americans about the Falklands is that it was much like Vietnam, except for the result. Your daylight bombing raids were carried out after the Luftwaffe was destroyed by British, French, Canadian and Polish pilots (in the main). As I have already stated your help wasn't given freely, but was purchased. If you think we are racist, I suggest you speak to the black community in your country and see what they have to say about our attitude coloured people, compared to yours. We are not without our racists, but our country is far less divided than yours. I also have very dark skin. We are fighting in Iraq at the request of a certain Mr. Bush. Many Britains don't agree with it, but I am not one of them. Our involvement in Afghanistan was also as an ally of the Americans. I have already stated there are things as a brit that I am not proud of certain things from our history. I am not so blinkered that I don't know we invented concentration camps. Some of the actions taken in the name of the Empire were also deplorable, but they cannot be changed now. I am not anti-American. I have visited your country a few times now, and in the main I have found you to be the most pleasant and helpful people on the planet (with the exception of the British Asian community). I have found that even tattoed hispanic gang members are incredibly polite. I like it so much I have actually purchased property in your country. Perhaps I have been fortunate not to come across the underbelly of your society. There are so many things that your country does better than ours, but I do not consider carrying guns to be one of them. Why any member of the public would want to own a sniper rifle is beyond me. It was designed for just one thing, killing people, not hunting or target practice, but taking the life of another human being. Don't you find that a little disturbing?
  3. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    Hi, I am not a troll hiding behind a new identity - I am a 38 year old, degree level educated, British subject. I only joined because of this post as I saw the opportunity to perhaps show the Americans that there is a different way rather than the third world, every one carries guns attitude that you have. You are the only "civilised" nation that has this attitude. I was only joking about the South Pacific thing, but the history you are taught in your schools is incredibly biased towards the American involvement in it. Do you honestly think we are going to forget that we fought in Europe for 5 years before you sent assistance in the form of troops. Yes we were grateful for the weapons, and we will be even more grateful when we finally finish paying you for them. Someone has just said that guns were what freed the slaves. Not in Britain. We managed to free our slaves through debate and social conscience. We are not proud that we started that evil trade, but we did not need a civil war to realise that we didn't have a divine right to own another man. Nuffsaid.
  4. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    Think about it like this. Case scenario 1: The bad man has a gun, and because of the gun laws he is certain that you don't. As a result he is more confident and is extremely unlikely to shoot you in panic. He can have my bike and wallet - they are insignificant compared to my life. Case scenario 2: The bad man has a gun and thinks you have one too. In order to get your bike and wallet he is going to have to shoot you. He is scared, so rather than take the risk and confront you he is going to shoot you before you even see him. And you still think the right to bear arms makes sense. Oh and you are almost as likely to kill a grizzley with a flute as a hand gun unless you are good enough to shoot it in the eye. It is still the pinnacle of hunting achievments in the states to kill a bear with a hand gun.
  5. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    Hardly, the Germans were already beaten by the time you joined in - by the British and the Russians. By the time you decided it was safe to join the war Germany was totally out of resources. A more likely scenario was that you would have all been speaking Japanese without our help in the South Pacific.
  6. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    I presume you mean the second world war which you let us fight on our own for over 80% of the time. If we are talking war records, a country with only one victory without British assistance doesn't have much to crow about. If we had known how rich in resources the US was going to turn out to be the result in that one would have been different too. Or perhaps you mean all the weapons you Americans sent to the IRA to use in a war against us. Unfortunately that is where many of the illegal weapons carried by criminals in this country have been sourced. So before you go quoting gun figures at us remember you are partially the cause of the problem. Don't forget where your planes fly from when you want to bomb the Arabs. We don't need the Americans to fight with us. Your weapons do come in handy though, but it is safer for us Brits if you don't use them in a conflict as it doubles the amount of casualties we have. What I meant by getting up close and personal was that in the UK most of the fighting is still hand to hand. We aren't chickens who take pot-shots from 40 feet away. We will get in your face, unlike the guy who had a height and weight advantage who posted earlier (and was wearing protective gear). Despite your propaganda, gun crime is still at a very low level here. Yes, criminals do commit armed crime, but if it was as rife as you claim more than 1 in 3 of our police would be trained in the use of firearms (which is the current level). I personally have witnessed a potential riot situation that was diffused by one armed policeman (assisted by several unarmed officers). He was able to do this because he was the only one that was armed with anything more than a pick-axe handle. It was the first time I had seen an officer with a gun in a rural setting in the UK, and the shock factor from it was enough to calm the situation. Unlike many Americans, from what I can gather from this thread, we in the UK do not live in fear.
  7. Nuffsaid

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    Tubo, I am from the UK and that report you ask people to read is a load of crap. Gun crime here in the UK is still very limited. I am not blinkered enough to think that it doesn't happen, but it is nothing like the level in the US. My father is one of the few civilians in the UK to have an open permit, meaning he can use a gun on any land in the country, depending on police approval. I don't know why you all seem scared of Mountain Lions. I have just watched a documentary on them and there have only been 8 (yes eight) deaths due to attacks by them since 1890. You would be better off using guns as defence against bees as they kill more people than that a year. If there were no guns it would be the people with the biggest balls in control, and not some weedy little pimp without the courage to get up close and personal.