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  1. FourStroked

    2008 plastic

    Anybody know if 2006 crf450r plastic and seat cover will work for the 2008?
  2. FourStroked

    Highland Lakes MX

    Thanks...........agreed, Jeff did a good job with that place. Will be there for the open ride!
  3. FourStroked

    Ohio Highland Lakes MX

    Anybody know of the current status of Highland Lakes in Ohio? I heard it was open again.
  4. FourStroked

    2010 kx250f

    I'm picking up a 2010 with low hours, wondering if there are any issues or tips on this bike?
  5. Did you guys get the helmet hero or the motorsports hero?
  6. FourStroked

    cam chain

    Thanks... I am doing the top end at 85 hours, just curious what most guys are doing about the chain
  7. FourStroked

    cam chain

    anyone know how many hours b4 the cam chain should be replaced ?