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  1. I was snowmobiling with a friend and this little guy was hiding behind a shelter in the woods when my buddy went back there to take a leak. Figured he is a skinned beaver, but the pose made us laugh like crazy!
  2. motorman_55792

    Taking a KLX300 out of storage after 5 years ?'s

    It sounds like its running lean. Did you have the idle real high? You probably need to clean the carb, particularly the pilot jet.
  3. motorman_55792

    KLX 300 singletrack helmet cam

    I lost nothing on the bottom. Only gained, and yes, I did raise the tank slightly. You can see in the videos I run it down to idle and it pulls well from there.
  4. motorman_55792

    Taking a KLX300 out of storage after 5 years ?'s

    Yes, right in the plug hole. Best to take the tank off so you can be sure you aren't washing any dirt in when you do that.
  5. motorman_55792

    Taking a KLX300 out of storage after 5 years ?'s

    The compression you are feeling is the valve trane. The motor has an automatic compression release so it feels about the same with the plug in. One thing I like to do if a bike sits that long is add just a little light oil to the cylinder, let it set a few minutes, and then slowly turn it over a few dozen times to prevent a dry start which is hard on the rings, etc. Its probably dry and a little rusty after sitting that long.
  6. motorman_55792

    KLX 300 singletrack helmet cam

    I retimed both the intake and exhaust. Here is a link to the info. It only took me about half an hour. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/893141-klx-250-300-camshaft-mod-by-marcelino/page__view__findpost__p__%3EJ*{Ld+b^.j(KSIh{,(S^F-.|po@`i__fromsearch__1 The carb is the Mikuni TM36-68 from Four Stroke Works.
  7. motorman_55792

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    The TM36-68 is what I have and it required n extension to move the fuel petcock on the tank, a little grinding on the frame near the head stay and new throttle cables. All the parts came with the kit from FSW.
  8. motorman_55792

    KLX 300 singletrack helmet cam

    Glad you liked it! It's got a 36mm pumper, full white brothers exhaust, retimed cams and all the free stuff. It gets pretty light in the front when I twist it.
  9. motorman_55792

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    I'm running a Mikuni TM38 pumper from four stroke works. With his setup it runs awesome, and with the throttle and cables from a KX 250f it is oh so snappy! Expensive, but worth it to have all the details ironed out.
  10. Just wanted to let some fellow KLX riders see mine in action.
  11. motorman_55792

    KLX 250 Blowby Question

    The air moving you are talking about is from the piston going up and down. All the air displaced below the piston has to go somewhere. Also shows why a better flowing crankcase breather is recommended.
  12. motorman_55792


    Just look on cycleTrader.com. There are deals all over. Wish I had permission to pick one up!
  13. motorman_55792

    Shock Bladder vs. Piston

    This is sort of comparing apples to oranges, but here it goes. I rebuild a lot of snowmobile shocks and some bike / ATV stuff. My experience is that the sealed pistons tend to fail often leaving you with an emultion shock (oil and nitrogen mixed in one chamber) and soft inconsistent dampening. The first time I worked on a bladder shock I thought it looked "cheesey". I mean, look at this... a rubber bag instead of this cool expensive machined aluminum piece that requires precise location and frequent seal replacement? oh... right.... My feelings are the bladder is superior.
  14. motorman_55792

    motor problem just turned strange

    Try someone else's KLX and see if its similar. They have hollow cams that are noisy, too.
  15. motorman_55792

    Boots so stiff these days

    I have the same issue. I recently spent some time in a pair of Fox Forma F3 boots (high end Fox boots) and even after several rides I feel like I have 2 fiberglass casts on my feet. No movement at all. I WILL NOT spend $300+ on boots, so what is a good choice on something that will protect and move?