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  1. Gregusan

    Yamaha 1980 DT175(200) Major Problem

    That hose should have nothing to do with your over revving problem.....I can't believe putting it back on fixed it? If your throttle was NOT sticking open when that happened, then it sounds to me like the crank seals, one or both, are going bad. That will allow enough air to leak in just like as if you were holding the throttle open. And don't ask me why, but once that happens and the motor runs away with itself, the kill switch won't kill it!!! I don't know why but I have experienced this on several bikes.
  2. Gregusan

    More TT600 problems #$%*

    the pilot jet could be clogged. if the main jet is clogged it won't affect starting, it would still start run and idle on the pilot jet and choke valve
  3. Gregusan

    tt600 88model vs xr600 88model

    I had the lighted enduro versions of both, the XT and XL. The Yamaha seemed taller, more powerful brakes, and broader, more tractable power than the Honda, especially low end. In a drag race, they were close, but I think the XT would still pull the XL. The XL was lower, bogged much easier if you hit too much throttle, and when the power came on it did so more abrubtly, giving the impression it was more powerful, but it was not. I
  4. Gregusan

    Doesnt anyone else have a TT-R 600 ?

    ps.. not sure if it's safe.. but if it's easier for anyone to email me directly, you can do so at gregusan@aol.com. thanks for your help.
  5. Gregusan

    Doesnt anyone else have a TT-R 600 ?

    Hi: I am in the states and have a TT600R, the only one here I have seen. I have a blown second gear. It's really tough or non existant to find info on this bike over here. Can you guys possibly send me the pdf manual or any other info on the bike? I never got any paperwork on it, the guy brought it here from France and then took the blinkers off and used it off road only so it was never registered here. I bought it on consignment so never met the guy who brought it to the US. The serial no. does not exist in any US database.. .I think it is an early 90's bike based on when I bought it and when I heard the guy came from France with the bike. Do any of you guys overseas have access to a database that I can search the VIN and find out what year it is? I also blew second gear, riding in the desert. My brother has the first year US spec TT600, I think it's an 82 or so, and he has blown third gear at least twice, but his was pretty hopped up and was beating CR500's at the dunes. My bike was all stock, and made no more power than a stock 80's XT600. Do these XT600 and TT600r have weak transmissions? Does anyone in the states, preferably near Las Vegas, have an XT600 with title they want to sell, or perhaps just a good running motor?
  6. Good question. I have a Euro TT600, which supposedly has the same motor as yours, minus the E start. The older US spec kick only XT's and TT's were a lighter wieght motor. From what I have heard racers opted for the E start cases and other parts for strength. The top MIGHT swap, but, you might also run into that minor misfit that turns into a major deal that makes it a no go. You might try doing a parts search for all the top end pieces for each bike and compare the numbers. If they are not the same for both bikes.. you might be frustrated and disappointed trying this. I am in Nevada. My TT has a bad 2nd gear now, but the top end was tight and like new. If you were near, we might have been able to work a swap out for what you need and what I need.
  7. Gregusan

    XT600E airbox, carb and jets fiasco!

    Since you are in the UK, you should look into what others have done to the European only, Italian made, kick only TT600. I believe this bike has the same motor as yours minus the E start. I have one myself, but cannot get much info on it over here in the US. It never exisited here, someone brought two of them as grey marked and used them only off road, I have one. Since this bike has Ohlins shock, Brembo brakes, inverted fork, etc.. I would imagine it would attract more mods than the e start street version.. Perhaps you could look into that... send me a reply if you run across any info that could help me on mine... I blew second gear on mine, i think the tranny is weak on ALL TT's and XT's.... if you're having any fun at all.
  8. Gregusan

    XT600E airbox, carb and jets fiasco!

    I agree with Ranger, you're basically a pioneer now on finding your own best combination that will work. Not sure how badly ripping the stock box out will scew up the jetting on your thumper, but I once tried that on an FZR1000, using my old school thinking that four individual filters and a rejet would unleash a lot more power, and God was I wrong, what a mistake. A lot of reasearch goes into some airbox designs to get MORE airflow and more TUNED airflow than just a bare sock hanging of the carb end. Think about it. On my kick only XT's I've had, I tried lots of exhaust combos, open pipes, supertrapps, head pipe only, etc.. and to be honest, none of them really seemed to change the jetting requirments much at all, and, if you did a real test (not just be awed by the noise), it really wasn't any more powerfull than the stock pipe. I only settled on the supertrapp because it was so much smaller, lighter, and better looking than stock. However, if I took enough discs out to make it reasonably quiet, then it probably made LESS power than stock.
  9. Gregusan

    XT600 DUAL CR33 Carburetor Kit

    I have had at least three XT600's, and a couple XT550's which all had the same stock dual carb setup. They worked just fine for me, zero problems, EXCEPT when I would let the bike sit in a hot Vegas shed for a couple of summer months, long enough to cook the gas in the carbs just enough to restrict or clog the PILOT JET. This happened several times in which case the bike wouldn't start at all, or at least run crappy. From what I can remember, the stock jetting worked best, going bigger or putting K&N didn't really help. BTW, you know of a cheap XT600 for sale with a good motor? I could use a motor, but even better would be the bike with clear title. OK if it's recked or nasty as long as motor good and tittle clear.
  10. Gregusan

    DT175 modifications

    BTW... how is the illegal immigration situation down there in Australia? Do you have such a thing happening there? Just curious what the situation is down there, what kind of issues are prevelent in the govmt' & media?
  11. Gregusan

    DT175 modifications

    Back to your question: First of all, I would definately NOT remove the oil injection. They work flawlessly on every DT I have had, they do not over inject oil, and I have not seen more power by removing this from any oil injected bike. You'll just ruin a nice feature that keeps you from worrying about premixing the gas. I have not found an aftermarket pipe for the bike. If any of you know of one, please post where we can find it. You can try a K&N, but I will bet money you'll see zero improvement unless your old filter was clogged. Just look at how small the carb is, and pipe, this motor doesn't suck a lot air (or fuel) to begin with, so the stock AC flows way over what it needs. The motor built just fine for what it is and can do, it has plenty of low end, can climb big hills just fine without winding it out at all. A pipe might help a little, but there's no way to get big power... even the reed cage and carb mount is too small, not to mention porting. If one was serious about it and just wanted to impress someone with an antique bike like this, the only way I came up with is to put a motor in it from a Blaster 200. I would estimate with some simple mods to the Blaster motor, you should get at least double the stock DT power, maybe more. Is your bike street legal? BTW, I have had one problem with all of the DT's I've had: They will ping, sometimes quite badly, under high load on even moderately warm days (like in the 70's and up), even with premium. When I anticipated a 40 mile cross desert ride with a bunch of guys on new, "real" bikes, I had to run racing gas, and I still heard it a little. I made the ride just fine, but the single track whoops was pretty tiresome on my body as I had to work it while they just sit on their asses though it all. I also was worried the little peanut tank would leave me dry, but it still had well over a half tank, riding as hard as the little suspension would allow. All in all, still a great bike for a light person (under 130lbs), or a girl over 5' tall who, either of whom is in stable psychological condition and has a strong enough sense self to resist caving into to "disco factor" (i.e. worried about what everyone else thinks about the bike you are riding). Cheers...
  12. Gregusan

    DT175 modifications

    I'm in Nevada and have had at least three DT175's and two MX175's, all the same bike, the MX just does not have lights. Regardless of it's age, in my opinion, the bike is still superior to most new beginner trail/play bikes that I can think of. Can any of you think of a single bike made that has a similar seat hight and weight of a DT175, with anywhere NEAR the power? I bought a TTR125E (NOT the Big Wheel "L" version) for my 5' 3" girlfriend, and suddenly realized when looking it next to the DT in the garage, they are the same height! And close to the same wieght... Of course, the DT blows the TTR into the weeds, and the suspension isn't even all that much better on the TTR, and even worse when you consider it's rolling over the rough and soft stuff with little scooter wheels compared to full size on the DT. Throw in the fact that you can take the DT on the highway and cruise at freeway speeds, and it makes me wonder why people look on these as dated. It's what i call the "Disco Factor". If it doesn't look like what all your other gay disco friends ride, with "bold new graphics" as you're all suited up in your power ranger garb, then you snub it as obsolete. Too bad.
  13. Gregusan

    "Adventurers" are Gaytards

    I'm gonna put some of those DS tires on my CBR900RR, some dirt bike bars, and have me own DS machine, lighter and more powerfull than those piggys. Ha Ha.
  14. I have a 93 CBR900RR with a fairly low seat hight and plenty of power that I 'm going to convert to a Dual Sport.
  15. Gregusan

    1983 Yamaha TT600 now it's a YZ 600

    Hi There: Do you or your neighbor know if a Raptor (660 or 700) motor will fit into one of these bikes? I have a later model (I think a 93 or 94) Italian made (euro) TT600, with blown 2nd gear. Rather than rebuild it all, I was wondering if a Raptor motor might fit. If not, you know of a good guy (or place) that could rebuild my motor for me? Any other advice welcome on this: email me at gregusan@aol.com