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  1. farmerj

    Street legal FX450?

    A bit off topic, but I have a plated 2010 FX 450 for sale in very good condition. Salem, OR
  2. farmerj

    Which year KYB SSS forks

    Thanks bowser, I appreciate the response! I'm trail riding as well, so good to hear. Jeff
  3. farmerj

    Which year KYB SSS forks

    Bowser, how do you go about setting up your 4CS or what's your tip on making them work the best that they can? Jeff
  4. farmerj

    CRF or Berg?

    Great responses, guys, Thanks! Jeff
  5. farmerj

    CRF or Berg?

    Good replies. I ride a GasGas 300, and have always read about the 450s being bad in the woods, flame out, stiff suspension, etc. - then I got on my buddy's '04 CRF 450R and had a blast, even on tight singletrack. Yes, if I was racing enduros it would be the wrong tool; but for play-riding I was surprised at how light and nimble it was, it turned well - and yes, the gearing was wrong, but it seemed like a Rekluse would fix that (good input on that subject, Polishhammer.) So I started thinking that all of the "bad press" on heavy Hondas had to do with the "X." I'll probably give the Berg a try. So one more question, notwithstanding knowing that I need to just go ride one. I've heard they have a loud "intake honk," with the air filter right in front of the seat. I'm thinking that will annoy me. Did that bother any of you? Thanks, Jeff
  6. farmerj

    CRF or Berg?

    Thanks for the input, guys. Good points. Jeff
  7. farmerj

    CRF or Berg?

    Can anyone compare the slant Berg FX450 to a Honda CRF450? I rode my buddy's CRF and loved it - but I'm thinking "Berg," though I've never ridden one. I'm not on the track, but in the woods, btw. Thanks, Jeff
  8. farmerj

    GG 280 Pro or 300 Pro?

    Here's an idea - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3ARTQ%3AUS%3A1&viewitem=&item=280123257428 I'm surprised at how hard it is to find seats for these bikes, since they're so much fun on the trails! Jeff
  9. farmerj

    EMN for DRZ OK?

    Burned, Thanks for the reply. Stock pipe, stock filter w/snorkel removed (current jetting - 45 pilot, 2.5 air screw, 160 main, stock needle + taffy mod). ..."slightly leaner at small throttle openings." I'm trying to get rid of the "off-idle bog" and low speed stalling, so I'm not sure that I want things "leaner" off-idle - but with your encouragement, I'll give it a try! "you will probably need smaller main jets........." I think I've read that you recommend 150-155?? I'll try that! I sure appreciate your response! Jeff PS - Would EKP be a better needle choice than EMN?
  10. I wanted to try the EMM needle (with 38 pilot, 158 main, PAS @5/8) but Sudco doesn't have any until the end of October. They suggest EMN as the closest replacement. Will the EMN work? Thanks, Jeff
  11. Sorry, guys - I have done a lot of searching, and have yet to come up with the definitive thread on how to do the Taffy Mod. Any suggestions on where to find it? Thanks, Jeff
  12. farmerj

    Has anyone done an exhaust noise comparison?

    Try this PDF... www.nmaoffroad.org/news/nmasoundreport.pdf Jeff