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    Great condition and low hours for a 2007. Raced one season (2008), then only ridden a few times per year since then. FMF exhaust, Factory Connection suspension mods. Rebuilt top-end, brakes, cables this year. Tires have ~95% tread. Plastic in good shape. Comes with Bark Busters, extra air filters, OEM exhaust, and other spare parts.


  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. No answers? Well, problem solved anyhoo. Went to the dealer and ordered the part. Turns out it was the wrong part installed from the factory (or wherever they put the brakes together). The new part I ordered is smaller and fits like a glove.
  4. Hi All, My front brake has been mushy since day one, and one time I completely lost the front brakes on a long, fast straight - scary They came right back after I pulled the scoot out of the bushes I went into when I overshot the turn at the end of the straight. So I figured maybe it's got some air in the line or something and I can just bleed it. I go to bleed the line and the fluid is contaminated with dirt and whatnot. I then noticed that the rubber diaphragm is way too big for the master cylinder and hence it was stuffed in and the cap tightened down to keep it in. Nice. And because it was stuffed in, it had tears in the rubber which probably allowed water & dirt to get in. So, has anyone else had this problem? Is it supposed to be oversized? Or maybe I got the new hire at the factory when they were putting my brakes together, and he/she put the wrong part in the master cylinder? On all of my previous bikes, the diaphragm fit perfectly and just dropped in. This one looks like it should be for a larger master cylinder. Well, I just thought I'd check with the online experts before I went down to the dealer and get a new part. Thanks! Dave
  5. Norm, This sounds really cool. Is it on the horse farm, and will the fees go to support the horses? Just asking b/c my wife loves horses and... "...but honey, it's for the HORSES!" I'm 75% in - the 9th is my favorite D6 course near Wilkes-Barre. But riding near the Finger Lakes region sounds tough to beat. What a dilemma!
  6. hey, anyone got an address for Evansville - the website is down right now. All I can seem to dig up on Google is that they're off RT93 in Berwick. Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind Found 'em.,+PA,+18603&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=6.056218,10.162354&ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=41.085885,-76.314039&spn=0.044703,0.107546&z=14&iwloc=addr Sorry for the false alarm...
  7. I think that's the track I stumbled across once on my way to Skippack:,+skippack,+pa&sll=40.236197,-75.411744&sspn=0.024079,0.059395&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=40.235263,-75.415778&spn=0.01204,0.029697&om=1 I stopped and watched the kids race, pretty cool. I can't imagine that they let big bikes run there because it was a very small track. But, I'm not 100% sure so it would be worth checking out. I think they also have a big warehouse type fun center with all sorts of stuff for families.
  8. Cool. Great timing as I have it all apart and can check that out and make sure it's routed properly. Thanks for the tip TM!
  9. Interesting... I've heard this mentioned before. What's the best way to route it?
  10. Great pics! It's amazing to see Bart get a 125 up that steep hill with no run-up.
  11. Found this: So, hopefully just a rumor. One of the reasons I bought the Husky was to get away from the mass produced feel of the Japanese bikes. I've always thought my Yammies were very well built, but lately I feel that they have to design towards such a large base that they sort of lose that racing heritage. Probably isn't true, but that's what helps me sleep at night
  12. Hi Norman, So far I really like my '07 WR125. The tank and shrouds do look wider, but I haven't really noticed them being in the way when I ride. Admittedly, I haven't put a lot of hard hours on the bike yet, but so far I like the way it handles. I am ~ 5'8" and the ergos seem to fit me very well. I just love the lightweight feel of this thing, especially coming off my lead-sled ('05 YZ250F)... Dave
  13. Hi Eric, Your mileage may vary, so to speak, due to elevation, temperature, etc. Here in Eastern PA, I'm at about 400-500 feet ASL. My '07 WR125 had the bog, but my bog seemed more in the mid to upper throttle range. Sure enough, the main that was installed was the 380 (the manual says 400???). But I had to go all of the way to the 430 to get the plug looking nice and tan. It was waaaay too lean on the top end. Once I dumped the gas that the dealer put in, and changed the main jet to the 430, the bog was pretty much gone. The pilot that came stock was the 35 and the needle was the 60, with the clip in the middle position. These seem to work well for the current temps and conditions, although I'll probably have to tinker around again when it gets hot and humid. But she seems to run pretty clean now with fresh, premium gas mixed at 40:1. Also, when I dumped out the gas that the dealer put in, a whole bunch of black plastic shavings came out. I don't think they were the cause of the bog, but I'm sure they didn't help, either. Hope that helps! Dave
  14. Hi, I just got pre-printed backgrounds from Decal Works ( for my '07 WR125. I'm not sure if they have them for the '05 TC250, but I can't imagine that they don't. I ordered the ones with the numbers already printed on - very slick. They are very good quality and they shipped them fast! Ordered them online and got them in under a week. Hope that helps.
  15. Hey motomike, I picked up my '07 WR125 from FBF n Willow Grove, PA two weeks ago, so they should be available to some degree.