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  1. I have a 2007 F250 Powerstroke and I am wondering if there is a better place for the scheduled maintenance than the dealer. I figure I'm getting overpriced service at the dealer and am curious where other people might be taking their diesel trucks for service. I'd like to find someone in the Santee, Lakeside, Ramona or Poway area that does the standard service maintenance. I just got quoted about $400 for 15,000 mile service, which is oil, fuel and air filter, and that seems a bit much, but this is my first diesel so I don't know if I'm getting reamed or not. Initial reaction was not good. I appreciate any adivce or direction besides doing it myself. SoCalMo
  2. SoCalMo

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I'd like to see some pics of this, sounds like some great mods.
  3. SoCalMo

    Stock springs or stiffer for my WR 450?

    I have the opposite problem, my stock WR feels too mushy. Anyone have pointers on setting the sag on the WR.
  4. SoCalMo

    WW class action lawsuit

    JAT, Thanks for taking time to respond. I live in Ramona and bought it from Beaudry, which is no longer in San Marcos. I'll take that credit card to the excess sealant right away. That should make it look a bit nicer. SoCalMo
  5. SoCalMo

    WW class action lawsuit

    There is a fix applied to the frame, but I didn't see what this will really accomplish. Does the fix allow the frame to support the GVWR of the trailer? I agree that the weight on the FS 2300 is bad. They should advertise the trailer will comfortably two three motorcycles. You put much more in there along with the gear and it is at max capacity. Very disapointed with the actual pounds left over to haul the toys. It is like they are giving you a standard trailer with a really big back door, since you can't haul anything. Good thing that I don't have many toys and I really feel sorry for those that have a few quads and such to haul around. Does anyone have an picutures any frame damage or ideas as to how to have the trailer looked at by a professional? I'm not sure where to take mine, the place I bought it closed down. Also, mine has tons of sealent or calk coming out around the windows and sealed doors on the outside. Is this normal? I just attracts dirt and looks bad, but I dare not remove it as I assume this is may barrier agasint any water damage. I'm glad I don't live where it rains alot, and I'm going to wash mine even less after seeing the water damage on the FS 3000. I would think you would have to give that trailer away at that point. I'm going to have my truck checked out, and the trailer for any damage and have the fix applied. I need to keep this thing operational as long as I plan to use it. If anyone is looking to buy a loaded 2006 FS2300 Super Lite, let me know. I might have a pretty good deal for you.
  6. I take stickers off trucks, but do think they have a place. I have an old metal tool box that I've stuck most of them. Gives the toolbox a personality. My favorite sticker is one I got from a laboratory I worked, Cancer Hazard. Keep the truck clean, although I'm thinking a single American Flag is within reson.
  7. Well I went for the 2007 F250 just to take advantage of the 3500.00 rebate. I do understand looking at Chevy and Dodge and I find it interesting how people really associate themselves with the brand. My mom drove GM cars and she had lost of problems when I was growing up, so I guess that altered my opinion. When I was in highschool a buddy of mine had a really old F250 with a huge hole in the side from rust, but that thing would just keep on going. I figure if the thing can run like mad when it should be put to sleep there is potential. Now on the flip side, I have an expedition and I've had more issues with that vehicle than any other I've ever owned. It is also the first American vehicle I've purchased, I always drove a Toyota before but now I need some space and power and always liked the look of the Ford Super Duty. So, I probably could have looked into the other trucks and did more due dilligence for the purchase. I did hear about the additional emissions conrols on the 2008, but my needs are very basic and hopefully with my fairly light load I pull it won't push the vehicle over board.
  8. I'm looking into the 2007 and 2008 Ford F250 Diesel and the sales person stated that maintenance costs on the 2008 have increased and that the 2007 is best for everyday use. Is anyone familiar with the extra maintenance associated with the 2008. The dealer has a 2007 and 2008 with very similar options right next to each other and I'm trying to figure out whic is really the best deal. Thanks, SoCalMo
  9. SoCalMo

    san diego spots

    Here is a link to the motorcross track near my house. I haven't ridden there and don't know much about their schedule. http://www.sdorc.org/ohvareas/barona/barona.html Otherwise the sdorc.og web site has links to all the San Diego and Imperial county locations to ride. -SoCalMo
  10. SoCalMo

    Oil Change on TT-R 90

    Changing the oil is very easy, as it doesn't even have an oil filter. I just put Yamaha Motor oil 10-30 and it takes just less than one quart.
  11. SoCalMo

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Very nice pictures, excellent quality, like something you'd see in a magazine.
  12. SoCalMo

    Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

    I was originally told I have to wait until Tuesday Dec 5, but after I completed the paper work they told me to pick it up today. I haven't even seen one, only pictures, but am looking forward to picking it up later today. woo hoo!
  13. SoCalMo

    TTR90 Whip

    I went to buy a whip and mount for the TTR90 and the shop didn't have one that fits the axel on the TTR 90. Looks like the issue is due to the way the chain is tightened. I've seen some that attact to the rear fender, but can't fine one online or at the local shop. Can you point me to the right setup to put a whip on the TTR 90? Thanks, SoCalMo
  14. Here Here, I drove a brand new 2007 a few weeks ago. I'm still down that I can't afford that truck. Very nice, great power. The one I drove was a Lariot so the leather and built in break-controller is really suite and when I was sitting in the back seat while the wife drove, I felt like I was in a small room there was so much space.
  15. SoCalMo

    toy box size for tundra.

    Anyone have any advice on getting a weight on the trailer when fully loaded. I'm not really excited to load it up just for a dry run, but all the manuals say you should. Can you rent scales? If not where do you go to weight those things. I'm worried about mine even without the bikes in it after seeing the weight might not include the optional gear. I'm afraid they sold me one that can only carry one bike.