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  1. Yep, took the teeth right off, I am suprised there wasnt any other damage done when the gear failed. But it's still a pain in the ass to fix regardless. The front of the bike is in good shape, seals in the forks leak a little bit, but thats getting fixed also. The rest of the bike, well now thats a different story. Although, I must say it is looking significantly better now that everything has been completely repainted. The transmission parts I am considering purchasing off ebay are actually from an 85 XR250 if that makes any differnce
  2. Sorry about that. Yes, the gear sheared a few teeth off. The shift shaft, referred to as "spindle, gearshift" by powersportspro, is missing all the splines. The rest of the tranny is in good working order, so I only need those two parts. Between those 2 parts it would cost me over 150 dollars new not including all the other misc. parts I need. Not worth buying new on a bike thats hardly worth that itself. I held off on ordering the parts from powersportspro as I decided to wait till I have completely reviewed everything that is broken/needs replacing, I was only going to purchase things that cannot be bought used. I will do as you suggested about using the part numbers as found on Powersportspro and using the parts lookup on Service Honda. Thanks again for the offer on the gear, do you also happen to have a spare shift shaft also? If so I'd be more than happy to compensate you. Thanks Greg Also, for those who are interested, this is what the bike looked like when I got it. Nothing a fresh coat of paint cant fix
  3. What exactly do you mean by finding out the hard way? Im ordering a whole bunch of parts right now from powersportspro, Valve Seals, Piston rings, Gaskets, so while im at it ill just buy the Nut. I wish service honda listed the XR250 on their parts list.
  4. Sorry for my lack of terminology, yes I guess it is the idler gear... It is the 27T gear that is between the kickstart gear and the clutch basket. As for the guts of the 84 tranny, its buy it now for 50 dollars (Ebay Store) I emailed the seller for a shipping quote. From the pictures, it is basically everything but the engine cases. It includeds all the gears, shift drum, forks, shafts, and bolts. I could also really use a gear shift spindle. Since I was given this bike as a resto project for free, there were alot of things wrong with it. Thanks for the offer on the gear... how much are you looking to get for it?
  5. Hey, also how did the transmission on an 86 XR250 Change from that of an 84's? I bought a kickstart balancer gear which turned out to be for a 96+ XR250, the seller claimed to have no knowledge of what year it was from. Theres an entire guts on an 84 Tranny on ebay, and I could use a few of the parts other than that gear.
  6. Hey, thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I ground back the stake (or whatever it was) and it came loose like nothing.
  7. You know, I think it is. I tried to chip away at the stake with a small chisel but it didnt do it. How far do I need to dremel the stake back before It will budge? Thanks
  8. Finally I got around to getting the tool.... cost me 10 bucks from DK. So now that I have it, I just cant seem to make the clutch nut budge... Is this thing reverse threaded or just really torqued on there? I put around 70-80ft/lbs on the sucker and it still wont budge.
  9. Thanks, I found it. Motion Pro Oil filter and Clutch Hub spanner. Maybe my honda dealership has one I could borrow. If not, Its probably worth spending the 10 dollars just to have it on hand. Thanks again Greg
  10. I need to replace the Kickstart balancer gear on my 1986 XR250. I havent really put much time into trying to remove the nut holding the clutch basket on, but there appears to be a retainer clip. Whats the trick to removing this? Do I need some sort of special tool? Thanks