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  1. Pister Pro

    New 2006 out what do people think?

    When and will it put out 12.45hp?
  2. Pister Pro

    New 2006 out what do people think?

    Those are SWEET!!! Can you buy the 131cc motor buy its self?
  3. Pister Pro

    Best Pit Bike Investment For Racing

    The foes racing pit bike looks nice for $10,000 I dont think your willing to spend that much though
  4. Pister Pro

    mods for a ttr 125?

    Most people with Hondas have a big bore kit which makes them not 50cc
  5. Pister Pro

    help backfiring? wtf?

    See desertfiddy Hondas have problems too
  6. Ya but does it run as good as one? Ever ridden a Pitster Pro or Extreme?
  7. Pister Pro

    Thumpstar stalling!

    Ya if you over load the oil on the air filter it may do that it lets no air tarvel through the air filter.
  8. Pister Pro

    Pitster stroker 145 cc

    Can you get a big bore yet online and where can you get a head for the GPX motor?
  9. Pister Pro

    Rear caliper problem

    Whats a thumbstar?
  10. Pister Pro

    Worlds fastest Pitbike

    Thats NUCKEN FUTS!!!
  11. Pister Pro

    cant decide between Pitster and Xtreme

    Why are you guys bashing each other when the pitster and the extreme have practically the same motors. the only difference I see is the swing arm on them. Personally I would go with the Pitster because it is cheaper and not much difference between the too.
  12. Pister Pro

    New 2006 Extreme 124

    Woot! Woot!
  13. Pister Pro

    New 2006 Extreme 124

    anything different with the motor?
  14. Pister Pro

    Pitster, Thumpstar or Xtreme?

    You shouldnt have said that know that is proably going to start an argument But anyways I would go with the Pitster. I have the 05 and it has lots of power and torgue. everyone that ive heard that has one is very pleased with it.
  15. Pister Pro

    Check this out! Pitster review and video!

    Huracane have you ever ridden a Pitster Pro And name the suspension upgrades and the motor upgrades that could bet a Pitster Pro and would pay the as it