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  1. CRF250redrider

    Need advice please

    Yah I guess I should try to shop around a little...I have seen like complete bottom ends on ebay but that would be a little bit risky i think thanks for the quick responses:thumbsup:
  2. CRF250redrider

    Need advice please

    Hi, I have a 2002 CR250 It is currently stripped down to the frame due to the fact that all the bearings in the bottom end are shot and my clutch is not working for some reason...I cant afford to get a shop in my area to rebuild the bottom end for me because ever shop is gunna charge me 1200 and up. This is where I need some advice, Would I beable to buy any year of bottom end and put it in with my top end back on? the top end fresh, I discovered alll the problems (minus the clutch) when I did the rings and put a new piston in it a couple months ago.
  3. CRF250redrider

    What 250F????

    Thanks for your input
  4. CRF250redrider

    What 250F????

    What 250F is the most reliable if you keep up on maintanance(sp)? I have heard that the hondas, the suzukis and the kawasakis all have major engine problems while the yamaha is the best and most reliable out there. P.S. ignore my name...i wish i could change it
  5. CRF250redrider

    2002 Yz250f

    I was there today and I started it (hah getting the starting drill right was a little confusing at the beginning but i got it started) it ran fine, and im glad its not a cold blooded bike like my ttr, my ttr never wants to start in the winter, but this bike fired right up, there was no unusual noise or knocking coming from the bike, it was a pretty loud bike for a stocker though lol I wasnt allowed to test ride it though cause he had just washed it and it was wet out the day I was there but still pretty cold maybe when i go to pick it up he will let me test it out
  6. CRF250redrider

    2002 Yz250f

    I dont have enough money for any of the newer bikes though
  7. CRF250redrider

    2002 Yz250f

    can anyone help me also what should i look for before i buy the bike?
  8. CRF250redrider

    2002 Yz250f

    There is a 2002 at a local dealership near me, they are asking 3500 for it (canadian) it is in perfect condition and is a consignment and the bike is in perfect condition no scratches on the plastic at all, the tires are like new and knobby. my question is that he is going to take my 2002 ttr-125L and a CR85 for it (both are in alright condtion, the cr needs new bars and a kill switch) and he said he would take those 2 bikes on trade plus 250$ on top, am I getting ripped off here?
  9. CRF250redrider

    Anyone from southwestern Ontario?

    im from north of London ontario
  10. CRF250redrider

    YZ250F Showroom

    Thats also a canadian version too
  11. CRF250redrider

    Looking for a list of ALL London Area tracks?

    hey im 2 roads west of kintore, spidartanks were u from? theres a track on cherry hill road, and one south of st.marys, some dude named tibbadoh owns that one, cherry hill is owned by i think his name is ron aurthur, and both my friends have there own tracks, but they dont have the biggest jumps, the biggest jump they have each is 50ft table top
  12. CRF250redrider

    must read....... 250f shootout

    That has to be a lie, because i was at my dealer that races and they got 2 new KX250fs, they hadnt even raced them yet just broke them in and the engines went even before they were broke in, one lasted a day, the other a week
  13. CRF250redrider


    opps i should have said its a canadian price too
  14. CRF250redrider


    what should i look for while riding it? it looks in amazingly good shape for an 02
  15. CRF250redrider


    Tommorow i get to go test ride a 2002 YZ250f the thing is in such good condition, and i could even start it, so much for the ones without autodecompression being hard to start,i was at the dealer yesterday to get a tube for my POS bike, well there was a YZ250f there and i was looking it over and started talking with the owner of the store and he said if i came back before it was sold he would let me ride it, so im going back tommorow,the only thing wrong with the bike is theres a couple of scratches were the previous owners boots had rubbed on the sides, other then that its perfect, its $3250 but they said i could trade in my bike and some cash, what else should i look for when im riding it, i forgot to check there bearings in it, ill do that tommorow.