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  1. i like how the porta potty and gold cart are stranded on the top of that jump lol.
  2. is that your sandrail srucker? that thing is bad a$$!!!!!!!!!!
  3. black smoke?? wheres it coming from? my bike only blows out white smoke.
  4. ya i believe thats the clip. but the one i saw was clips from spectators and there video cameras. thanks alot man.
  5. does anybody have that video of those guys racing there streetbikes through a village or whatever? there professionally racing and just flying through some village and i cant seem to find it anymore. it was posted here a while back and was just wandering if anybody knew how to get it by chance of post it up here. thanks
  6. lol this has got to be one of the most idiotic threads ever started. who in the hell would start a thread to bag on a few companys lol. laaame!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ya, i ride my in the snow all the time. i never had any problems. and im about 5000 feet above sea level.
  8. sure is. but how many other people can say they have a paintball gun silencer on there exhasut? just think about it.
  9. ya if you can get your hands on an old silencer they made for the old tippman paintball guns it works. i used one when the baffle fell out of my stock pipe and i was too lazy to look for the bolts.
  10. get a silencer of an old tippman paintball gun and tape it to the end of your stock exhaust. its a lot quieter but looks like $#!% and probably wont last more than a few minutes.
  11. that is a pretty good deal on your friends 50. if i where you i would go with your buddys xr and just built it as you get money. you could make that thing pretty nice for around a grand.
  12. ya deffinatly dont get the ones that mount on your swingarm. my nephew had them on his pw50 and they where horrible.
  13. lol, true dat!!!!! ill probably get them anyways.
  14. theres a couple things it does, it adds +2" to the length for more stability(not always doing wheeles when you dont want to), raises the rear(with aftermarker shock), its a lot smoother of ride(with a after market shock), and there more durable. im sure theres a lot more than that but thats the basics of an extended swinger. in my opinion there totally worth it. make sure you do something to the rear shock though.
  15. nice bike jester. at least you still have the honda spirit.