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  1. newdirtrider

    Diesel Motorcycles

    Per the website the US model will get 105 mpg, but it weighs 369lbs dry weight!
  2. newdirtrider

    06 Te450 Is A Dual Sport

    I'm in LA, maybe I just need to drive down to Oceanside and order one from you! What is the lead time for ordering a 450?
  3. newdirtrider

    06 Te450 Is A Dual Sport

    I just called the closest Husky dealer and they say that these don't exist! When are they supposed to be released more widely? I WANT one!
  4. newdirtrider

    Shaving Weight from S Model

    Living in CA and plating a bike is difficult so I am considering a DRZ400S which would be used for 95% dirt and 5% street. I noticed that the S model is weighing in at an extra 60 lbs over the E model. Where is all the weight coming from? What mods can be done to drop some weight? I read the DRZ web page about removing passenger pegs, moding the tailight, and some other small stuff but it still look like another 45 lbs need to come off. Would stripping off the stock lighting and tail lights drop lots of weight? I could replace this with a dual sport kit in order to not be using this stuff when I'm riding only dirt.
  5. newdirtrider

    Thinking About a TC450

    Hello everyone, new to the forums here and also new to dirt riding. I'm looking to buy my first dirt bike and have been looking at a left over new 2004 CT450. First issue: How have people done buying parts for these bikes as I can't seem to find any of the aftermarket companies making many parts such as plastics, larger gas tanks, etc. Can one of you Husky owners fill me on the sources for these things? If I buy one I want to outfit it with a larger tank, steering stabilizer, etc so it is set up for longer dual sport style riding. Second question: I'd also like some general input on how these bikes are for maintenance. Third question: My dirt experience has been on a Yamaha YZ426 so can anyone offer some comparisons or contrasts? Sorry for the newb questions and tahnk you for any input. Dan