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  1. jdcrawfo

    2014 kx250f knocking

    Pull the oil filter and cut it in half check the paper to see if you have any metal sparkly in there should give you an indication if the rod is going out. Our 13' ran quite on start up but when it got hot it would get louder and sure enough oil filter was full of copper and silver metal fleks
  2. jdcrawfo

    Tokyo mods?

    I put a full yoshi on my 16 450 and didn't notice a huge difference so I sent out the ECU and had it remapped for full exhaust on pump gas and it really woke the bike up! It also runs cleaner with less popping really happy with what tokyo mods did.
  3. jdcrawfo

    2016 KX450 Parts

    Clutch cover has a O-ring now so you don't have to buy a gasket every time you want to check the clutch. Yoshimura just released their new pipes this week. Chain guides I believe are all the same.
  4. jdcrawfo

    drd pipe

    I emailed DR D to see when they would have a pipe ready for the 2016 and they said they didnt even have a bike yet to check back at the end of the month
  5. jdcrawfo

    2011 Kx450f clutch

    What kind of clutch did he put in? Ive never had any luck with low end clutches like Tusk or whatever. Get a set of Hinson or Pro-circuit springs with new OEM plates and you'll never have a issue.
  6. jdcrawfo

    Cant Find Master Cylinder Part?

    KTM doesn't sell a rebuild kit for the newer models you'll have to buy the complete master cylinder. Read something about a liability issue where someone installed one wrong and was injured and tried to sue. Do a search there are other threads about this.
  7. Went to a race this morning and when I started my bike (sitting on it) I noticed it would jump a little when in neutral almost like the clutch is grabbing? it seems to be shifting fine but even after it warmed up I put on the stand and running in neutral you could see the counter shaft sprocket jump? it did seem to do it less with the clutch in but its never done this before so I was concerned. Oil level looks good... Any ideas?? clutch issue?? transmission?? No big deal?? Thanks
  8. jdcrawfo

    2013 450sxf map switch

    Once again you step up and show you have no clue! The article you posted above clearly says 2014 KTM 450 sx-f which is correct and the 2013.5 also has this feature but the 2013 production model does not..I have tried the switch , called trail-tech, spoke to a regional KTM sales rep and several KTM mech. plus the countless magazine tests that say the same thing.. Also as stated above don't you think it would say something about it in the owners manual? I know it does for other models (oh yeah I forgot KTM doesn't want us to know) So you and your "Pro" buddies can think whatever you want if it makes you faster (placebo effect maybe). Do what you want but for everyone else save the money (or buy a 2014) MXA Q: DOES THE 2013 KTM 450SXF HAVE ADJUSTABLE MAPS? A: Yes and no. Yes, you can reprogram the 450SXF if you have access to KTM’s proprietary map tools. No, there are no built-in maps in the ignition (as with the 250SXF and 350SXF). Again the 2013-1/2 Ryan Dungey Replica comes with three maps built-in, we assume that the 2014 will get these maps also.
  9. jdcrawfo

    2013 450sxf map switch

    Wow wonder why the hard part catalog doesn't list the 13 450sxf as one of the bikes the map switch you guys are buying fits?? Funny really but I guess you calibrated rear end can tell the difference!!! Haha you should have to pay back all the people you mis-led with un-educated statements!! believe what you want if it makes you faster but unless you have a 13.5 the switch does nothing... Map Switch - Fits 250/350 SX-F/XC-F '11-13 772.39.974.000
  10. jdcrawfo

    2013 450sxf map switch

    Then you better let KTM know right away!! because thier head machanic that does all the bike demos Tom Moen says it only has 1 map in one of the intro vids. Also they list going to multiple maps as an upgrade on the 2013.5 FE... So it sounds like you know something the factory dont?
  11. jdcrawfo

    More torque out of a 350

    We run the Lightning (quick turn) throttle tube from Roll on Throttle cheaper than the G2 and MXA gave it 5 stars noticed a big difference when we put it on but after a few rides you dont notice it as much. We also run the aggressive map with Rocket full exh. and 13/50 gearing you have to shift a little more but bike pulls great out of the hole!! If you got the $$$ run VP U4.4 also makes a noticable difference.
  12. jdcrawfo

    2013 450sxf map switch

    No map switch for the 2013 450 sxf production model (2013.5 FE has one) there is only 1 map. I had heard conflicting stories on this so I emailed MXexpert at MXA and they responded right away ( Thanks Jody!) So if you want to change something you will have to get it re-mapped using the user tool. Below is a copy of the response I got. There are no pre-programmed maps in the 450SXF (unlike the three maps in the 350 and 250). The 450 can be reprogrammed with KTM "user tool” and the dealers can get maps from a KTM dealer website–but the user tool cost a couple hundred dollars. Hopes this helps, Jody
  13. jdcrawfo

    Synergy Seals X-Bushings w/Z-bolt

    Used the x-bushing on our 250sx and it worked great!! Make sure you get the z-bolt oterwise it hard to get any grease in the bushing. Also those guys are great to deal with I had a question and emailed them and they called me about 10 min. later and explained everything to me.
  14. jdcrawfo

    2013 KTM 450 SXF exhaust has baffles?

    Stock slip-on from 2012 350sx-f bolted right on to 2013 450sx-f (not head pipe) so if 2011 is the same you are good
  15. jdcrawfo

    Anyone have the '13 SXF 450 yet?

    jmoto42, on 06 September 2012 - 05:01 PM, said: Went to pick mine up today and as my dealer entered information into the computer a pop up came up telling them not to release the bike due to a technical service bulletin stating that the intake valve rocker arm was not coated properly which could cause camshaft failure. Parts are not scheduled to be in until mid September. This really sucks seiing my new bike sitting on the showroom floor ready to roll out the door and not being able to leave with it. Anyone hear of this issue? Would have thought any problems like this would have been cured with the Dungey replica. Yep heard the same thing! I picked mine up on friday and rode last weekend then the dealer calls me today and tells me I shouldn't ride it till they figure out what is going on? Now I have a 9K paper weight sitting in my garage with the biggest race of our season a week and a half away. Dealer called last week and said I shouldnt ride it that they had recieved a service warning from the factory something about the coating on the rocker arm and intake cam told me they would have more info this week