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  1. Bobarino91

    patellar tendonitis

    get youself one of these from eastbay for $13. its called the McDavid Jumpers Knee. i don't think it does anything to help it heal, but it lessens the pain durring and after workouts/rides/whatever. Bobby
  2. Bobarino91

    my collar bone break.

    good luck to you! Bobby
  3. Bobarino91

    my collar bone break.

    i broke mine and it looks very similar to yours and the "healed in 12 weeks" thing is BS. its been 8 weeks for me and its not even close to healed. the bones aren't even bonded, nothin'. its a huge PITA. it doesn't get to feeling any better. get it fixed asap. i'm stuck outta luck with mine. no insurance and don't have $11k at the moment but when i can get the $$ i'll be in Dr. Mark's office in a heartbeat. if you have the means, get it done. believe me, it sucks living with it like that. Bobby
  4. Bobarino91

    Dr. Mark, Clavicle not healing. anything i can do?

    ok, thanks Dr. Mark. guess i'm just kinda stuck until i can come to Houston. i'm kind of attached to my breathing habit so i'm not quite ready to give that up. guess i'll just live with it until then. thanks again. Bobby
  5. Dr. Mark, 6.5 weeks ago i did this : and talked to you about it but i can't have it plated just yet due to no time off work and lack of funds and health insurance. i went my local OS for the 6 week follow up and the xray looks identical. there is not even any hyaline cartilage or healing bone forming at all. the bones haven't fused together and are still stacked as you see in the xray and moving around. quite annoying. the OS still tells me he's confident that it'll heal in time, and wants me to come back in 6 weeks for another xray, but i don't know. he doesn't want me riding of course, and so my summer is shot. i'll be coming to see you to have it plated as soon as i can but that won't happen until near the end of summer at the earliest. my questions for the mean time are: can the bones be aligned better by manipulating them from the outside? they have a very small contact area. it seems to me that i could be drugged up a little and have them "unstacked" so the open faces are touching again which would hopefully promote faster healing. does that seem reasonable? if i can't do that, is there anything i can do to speed up any healing? calcium suppliments? anything? i have about 90% range of motion right now and about 75% strength. just sometimes if i do the wrong thing it hurts like hell still. not to mention the bone is still right under the surface of my skin and is quite irritating. other than that, i'm in very little pain and advil works fine for it and am just getting used to it. at least i can sleep again. thanks for your time and any advice. i can't wait to fly to houston and get this taken care of properly. Bobby
  6. Bobarino91

    Body Armor?

    i wear the Dainese Summer Safety Jacket under my jersey when i ride and i love it. http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=DAI_1875697-1-MD_G&tier2=95 i wrecked pretty good a month ago and broke my collar bone but the rest of me is fine. had i not been wearing it, i could have had some spinal injuries as i landed on my shoulder/back on a bunch of rocks. i don't even notice its there when i'm riding. you'll probably need a size larger than you normally wear. i use mine for street riding and dirt riding. i wouldn't ride either without it. Bobby
  7. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    thanks Vetteguy. i had to improvise on this one since i don't have a recliner so i stacked a bunch of pillows up against the wall on the bed and slept at about a 60° angle for the first week or so. last night i actually got 7 hours of sleep. my best yet. its getting a little better every day. hopefully it will continue to improve. thanks again. Bobby
  8. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    i appreciate you throwing other options out there. i think i'll probably wait until i have the time to go to TX though. i read a study somewhere on the interwebbernetter thingy about success plating clavicles immediately after the break as compared to waiting up to 5 years to have it done and those that waited several years still had excellent success ratios. thats encouraging. mine is actually feeling pretty good. ROM is coming back but strength is lacking still. only time will tell if i'll heal up right. its still quite tender and sore. perhaps i won't need surgery. i did decide to ditch the figure 8 brace this last weekend (three weeks). it was causing more pain that comfort. the jagged bone just underneath the skin is quite irritating now. DavBrucas, i understand the concerns all too well and i appreciate the thought. the ER docs and nurses all shook their heads at me too. when you've been through as much crap as me you just figure, ah, what the hell? lets go ride. just because i don't have insurance doesn't mean there isn't life to live and fun stuff to do. its not going to wait for me. my ER bill came to $2,070. i can handle that one at least. this is my 14th broken bone. its been the biggest PITA out of all of them though. haven't had a decent night's sleep in 3 weeks. Bobby edit: oh ya, and i'm not having kids. i made that decision a long time ago. 'twas the reason for my demise of my last relationship. no kids for me period. my toys are my kids i guess. it would be irresponsible of me to have kids on many many levels, so i ain't gonna do it. i do, however, plan on being a kid at heart until i die.
  9. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    gotcha. thanks again. i'll just have to wait and see after it heals and if there are problems, i'll be getting in touch with you again as soon as i can afford the $$ and the time. Bobby
  10. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    Thanks Dr. Mark. can you tell me about how long i have to have it rebroken and fixed if it heals like this? i may be in a position to do that in a few months. is that going to be too much time? thanks again. Bobby
  11. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    Dr. Mark, thanks again for the advice. i'm affraid i can't fford the surgery right now but i paid a visit to a well respected local Othropedic Surgeon and got some more xrays and his opinion which was it'll heal ok, it'll be lumpy and ugly but functional. frankly, if i could, i'd be in Houston in a heartbeat. so now my question is, if it heals like this, how long do i have to have it rebroken and plated? its feeling pretty good over the last week. it only hurts if i bump it or lift something too heavy. ROM is coming back. i have a lump where the bone is just under the skin thats a bit painful, the end of the bone is apparently pretty sharp but it should get better once i can take off the figure 8. the strap for it is right over the end of the bone. anyway, here's the x-ray..... Bobby P.s. Davbrucas, i'm single but have a girlfriend, and have parents. yes i love them all. BUT by all rights i shouldn't even be here. i'm a leukemia survivor (barely, got it age 19) and a sole proprietor of a small business so no health isurance co will touch me with a ten foot pole. the disease taught me something important though. you don't know when you're going to check out so you'd better live your life while you can. sure i could play it safe and hide inside all my life but that would be crappy and boring. i don't mind the thought of dying in pain or from doing something i love. however, my biggest fear is dying with regrets over things i DIDN'T do that i always wanted to. edit: oh and the the ER Doc was once a team physician for ahockey team so se's seen and treated lots of busted clavilcles. he didn't seem too worried about it either. he said pretty much the same thing as the Ortho, it'll be ugly but functional. i know that was a bit of self depricating humor, but i've actually had really good luck with ER docs. even had one make the correct diagnosis of Severe Aplastic Anemia just from a CBC without even seeing the results of the bone marrow biopsy. (those are fun!)
  12. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    ok, i'll keep that in mind. i'm hoping to have my business sold by the summer and then i'll have the time and money to come see you and have it done. they ER doc didn't seem too concerned about it when they splinted me and re-xrayed (don't have that one, dang it) so far it seems to be healing ok. the pain is lessening and ROM is getting better. i think i'll take your advice and wait until i can have it done right. i think i'll go get an x-ray just for my own piece of mind in the mean time. thanks again and when i'm able to have this fixed, i'll be back in touch with you. Bobby
  13. Bobarino91

    Yet another busted Clavicle question

    thanks Dr. Mark. i don't think i'll be able to go to houston. i own a small business and can't leave it durring the week. plus i don't have the cash right now. i think i may just be stuck with a misaligned clavicle unless i can work something out here locally. i do appreciate your quick response and advice. i'd love to be able to come to you. i'll see what i can finagle. thanks again. Bobby
  14. i bit it the sunday before last on a trail ride and broke mine. here's the (mediocre quality) x-ray: i'm in a figure 8 brace but the bones are no where near aligned properly. i can still feel the end of the bone at the surface of my skin. is this just something i'm going to have to live with? i'd like to see an Ortho and get it checked and plated if necessary but i don'thave health insurance and i ain't rich. how much would a surgery like that cost? since its been 10 days and the bones have fused together, is it too late to do anything anyway? thanks for any help. i appreciate it. Bobby
  15. Bobarino91

    I just don't see many XRs around anymore.

    i just got my bike ('97 XR250R on Craigslist for $750!! i'm still jazzed about that find) and i've been out a few times riding at popular state forests and i only saw one other 250, and one 400. the rest were either onlder 2 stokes or brand new 4 strokes. i figured i'd see quite a few XR's out there but nope. they're a scarce frind for sale around here and command top dollar when you do find them. Bobby