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  1. I wish i knew how to play a violin.
  2. You have done quite well for yourself, she is hott!
  3. That is a nice turd cutter!
  4. Oh no not me, rehab is for quitters. Quitters never win.
  5. Amazing insight, your right i am a bastard, ma left when i was 3. As to being raised by a magazine, na. I am lucky and have a hot little wifey, so it is hard for me to grade on the curve so to speak. If I offended someone sorry, but i am sure i am not the only one who thought that, I just had the balls to say it. Your link did not work, but i am guessing you had a fine contribution. If it makes you feel better i have had women with asses that big, but prefer smaller. I know i'm a jerk.
  6. Guess again hater! Give ya a hint, add 20 years or so and you will be close. Young at heart i guess.
  7. Nice! Now compare that to the chick with the big ass!
  8. That is a better contribution.
  9. Oh go jump off a cliff, i will make comments as they are within the rules of the site. Besides she does have a big ass, no?
  10. The chick on the quad has a HUGE ass!
  11. He does, been there done that. Dumb idea, nuff said.
  12. I am sayin washougal.
  13. Hopefully it works out dude.
  14. I like to ride with everyone.