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  1. adventurebob2004

    Jet kit?

    It's worth getting rid of that muffler for weight and horrible sound reasons alone I reckon, irrespective of any other benefits. As far as correct jetting is concerned, only a dyno run with an air/fuel sensor attached will confirm the correct jets for your particular bike, taking account of all of the normal variables, engine condition, ambient temperature, altitude etc. I may have to splash out the bucks and do it some time soon as I'm curious. I'd rather not run with such a big jet as a 155 but I've tried smaller ones and my setofthepantsometer tells me my bike doesn't lke them, and as my mpg is fine I'll probably leave it intact.
  2. adventurebob2004

    Jet kit?

    I've got a DJ kit as well with a Mik 155 main, which is 6 sizes bigger than a stock main @ 140, with the cut top airbox and my mileage only went down 15% over stock which I'm very happy with. What you need to remember is that for most guys the extra power and responsiveness of a jetted DR means that you tend to crank the throttle open that much more because it's that much more fun to ride. I'm sure at least half of my extra gas consumption is down to my extra use of my throttle hand...Also remember that the stock DR is jetted very lean for EPA regs, and this is balanced very finely with the tiny air box entry hole (e.g not much gas + not much air = good mixture), and explains why stock DR's run smoothly, albeit with not much power. Putting much larger jets in without also letting correspondingly more air in to balance it out will overly richen the mixture and it'll run like a dog. Getting the mixture right is really about fine tuning all three elements, gas in, air in, and exhaust out, they all have an influence.
  3. adventurebob2004

    rear sprocket

    Go talk to Jesse. He has a range of rear sprockets available to fit the 525 chain.
  4. adventurebob2004

    dr 650 mods

    Rustle up the $55 and buy the a DJ jet kit. It's worth it for the needle alone. The stock needle has virtually no taper and believe me there is a major difference in the mid range over a stock needle...As far as CR9EIX Iridium plugs are concerned I've got them and wouldn't buy another set, not much better than stock, maybe a little better off-idle response, but definitely not worth the extra bucks. Some guys have tried the CR9EK multi electrode plugs with better reported results, but really this is a low tech motor and unless you are going to build a 50 hp motor I wouldn't worry too much about plugs. Jet kit, and airbox mods will really wake that slug up! Oh, and when you get some cash toss that boat anchor that Suzi calls a muffler as well and put on a lightweight alloy unit.
  5. adventurebob2004

    Sold the VStrom and got an 07 DR650

    You'll find the DR a lot more fun in the twisties! Hey and don't forget the jet kit with that FMF, or else you'll make a lean motor even leaner...Great choice!
  6. adventurebob2004

    Where can I get.....

    Nobody does for the '96-2007 650's. The 13 toother will only suit the older model prior to '96. best to go for the 14, and a bigger rear. talk to Jesse.
  7. adventurebob2004

    Does anyone have a parts cross-reference manual?

    Go to the Ron Ayers site, on-line Microfiche section and find the part numbers from one bike, and then compare them to the numbers of the other bike. If the numbers match, it's the same part. Easy as pie.
  8. adventurebob2004

    DR650 Jetting Question

    With a pipe and a K + N, I'd start with a DJ160, and play from there, should be good at sea level - the higher you go, the less it will like rich jetting, so @ 6000 ft, you'll probably need to go leaner (easy with the adjustable pilot screw), but that main might still be a bit fat at that altitude as well. 170 will be way too big.
  9. adventurebob2004

    What's the future for the DR650?

    Don't forget the KLR has been around for 20 yrs, and the XT600 for 20+ yrs, so 11 is not such a long time. The new Yam XT660 engine is a gem (although the U.S misses out on this model for some weird reason?) Injecting the DR would be a great idea though, and the other makers have all gone that way due to emissions regs (the current DR hasn't been sold in the U.K and most other Euro markets for years) just think, then you could tweak it with a DJ PowerCommander, and still have a super reliable air-cooled lump...
  10. adventurebob2004

    2002 dr 650 need mod help

    I'm running the CR9EIX's. It starts better and pulls better from ultra low revs, but can't say I'm noticing any power increase. Think I'll try the CR9EX's next time, they've had a good review from others. Biggest bang from buck is cutting open the airbox, DJ kit and Jesse's $15 extended fuel screw. FMF pipe is good, although they aren't that quiet, and believe it or not, grinding out that big old weld inside the header does make a difference too.
  11. adventurebob2004

    too much oil?

    You could just forget about the window, and actually just change the oil by firstly making sure all of the old oil comes out (takes a while, and will require leaning the bike over in both directions), and then re-filling it to Suzi specs, i.e 2300 ml with no filter and 2400 ml with a new filter. If you do that, it goes beyond the top line of the window, but who cares? The important thing is that you aren't underfilling the bike. These things use so little oil, I never add any between changes. I've been using this method from new and I've never found any oil in my airbox, so I figure I'm not overfilling it and blowing it out the breather ( which is possible if it's excessively overfilled of course).
  12. adventurebob2004

    DR650 Performance In the Cold

  13. adventurebob2004

    I ground the header weld yesterday

    Dunno, I have the FMF. Anyone out there done the header weld with a stock pipe?
  14. adventurebob2004

    Wanna a few more HP for you're DR650?

    They last longer and have a stronger spark apparently. My idle went up, smoother low rev running, but can't say I've noticed much else over the stock ND's my new DR came with, but a subtle improvement over the stockers for a few bucks more.
  15. adventurebob2004

    '05 DR650 jetting & exhaust advice needed

    I've got a K4, DJ kit, needle @ 4th, 155 Mikuni (165 DJ equivalent), 1.75 turns on the pilot, Jesse Airbox mod, K + N filter, FMF-Q pipe, CR9EIX Iridium plugs, Header weld removed, @ sea level. It goes like hell now.